AFCME - Military Aircrew

(EXTRACT FROM IAP 4303 4th Edition: Sep 2010) 


The Air Force medical services are responsible for maintaining a high standard of physical and mental fitness of all Air Force personnel so as to ensure maximum operational efficiency of the human element of the force.

The increasing complexities and demands of the profession in the Indian Air Force have made it necessary to have stringent entry-level medical standards for air warriors.

It is therefore important to ensure that service personnel are examined periodically and, if disease or disability occurs or is detected, a suitable medical standard is applied. To ensure this there is a requirement of conducting a comprehensive initial medical examination to detect pre existing or potential disease in all aspirants who wish to join the Air Force. This is followed by periodic medical evaluation to ensure in-service continuation of medical fitness.

IAP 4303 (4th Edition: Sep 2010)

This IAP is a comprehensive document, which deals with important aspects of fitness of Indian Air Force personnel. Medical standards are laid down in this IAP to secure uniformity in conduct of Medical Examinations and interpretations of findings as well as assessment of physical fitness for the specific job, as is required (of the individual), by the service. 


  • Initial medical examination of candidates for commissioning in the officers' cadre, is carried out at AFCME and also in IAM/MEC(East). The purpose of this medical evaluation is to ensure that each candidate fulfils the medical qualifying standards for his/her branch into which he or she is seeking entry. Every effort is made to detect any disease or infirmity, which may at a later date affect the physical and/or mental capacity of the individual adversely. During the initial medical examination the benefit of doubt regarding fitness or otherwise goes to the State. This is to avoid likely drop-outs and subsequent invalidments due to disabilities when sizeable expenditure on training has been incurred by the State. Initial Medical Examination of the following categories of Candidates / Officers are conducted at AFCME:
    • Medical Examination of candidates selected for NDA (for flying and other services), CDSE (civil and Airmen)), SSC(M) F(P), SSC(W) F(P), Army Aviation, Naval Aviation, Coast Guard officers, Coast Guard Candidates, Aircrew Airmen Flight Engineer/Flight Gunner, Aircrew Officers Enginner AE(M) Air, induction to ARC and RIMC.
    • Among non flying candidates, medical examination is carried out for AEC/SSC (Civilian & Airmen), SSC(W) Technical and Non-Technical, GDOC(Civilian & Airmen), University Entry Scheme, Para Jump Instructor(Officers & Airmen), SSC Medical Officers appearing for PC and Medical Officers after secondment into Air Force
  • AME is the most important part of medical surveillance. This is carried out once a year. The aims are to reaffirm the physical and mental fitness of an individual, detect illness at its earliest stage, and to render necessary advice for maintenance of positive health. The findings of the examination are compared with previous records of such examination.

    Annual Medical Examination of all Gp Capt (Flying branch) posted to Air HQ and Air Officers of the IAF as per the geographical coverage area are conducted at AFCME.

    • This is assessment of an individual by a board of medical officers (including specialist medical officers, when available) with a view to determine the physical and mental status of an individual and need for protected employment. Medical board of the following categories of personnel are conducted at AFCME:
      • Review, Re-Categorisation Medical Boards of AF Personnel (of F (P), FTE duties, Weapon System Operators, Flight Test Engineers, Airmen Aircrew, ADM/ATC, ADM/FC) in low medical category as per the geographical coverage area.
      • Review, Re-Categorisation Medical Boards of the Navy and Army Aviators.