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Final Withdrawal From Survival Benefit

  • Considering the increasing trend of the numbers of air warriors withdrawing their survival benefit balances which results on one hand in eroding of the funds available with AFGIS and, on; the; other, compromising the financial security of the air warriors and their beneficiary NoK, the Board of Trustees of AFGIS has  approved revision of certain provisions of the scheme. The details of the revision is given below:-
    • Final withdrawal will be admissible only once in the service career of the air warrior.
    • Final withdrawal from SB balance will be admissible only after the air warrior completes 15 years of actual service.
    • The max amount of final withdrawal will be restricted to 50% of the balance available.
    • Final withdrawal will be allowed only for purpose of defraying expenditure on higher education/marriage of a ward of the air warrior.
  • All other rules and provisions pertaining to the scheme will remain unchanged.
  • The revised policy will be effective from 01 Oct 15.