Central Air CommandWith the rapid expansion of the Indian Air Force during the Fifties, the command and control structure needed to be reorganized. This re-organisation led to the revival of the No 1 Operational Group at Calcutta in 1958. This group was responsible for the operations of the IAF in the eastern as well as the central sector of the country. The areas of responsibility of this Operational Group were bifurcated and two separate commands were formed. The Central Air Command was formed at Rani Kuthee, Calcutta in Mar 1962. However with need to increase vigil along the Indo-Nepal and Indo-Tibetan borders, Calcutta was considered inappropriate location for the Central Air Command Headquarters and it was relocated at Allahabad in February 1966.

The task assigned to this Command is to patrol the North Central sector of this country from Himachal border to Sikkim. The area assigned to command stretches from Bareilly/Agra in the North to Bihta/Darbhanga in the East from Indo-Nepal border in the North to Nagpur in the South.