provides loans to personnel for personal utility and for improving the
quality of life. These loans are provided, on fulfilling certain eligibility
  • Interest
    Free Loan
  • Interest
    free loans upto maximum limits given below are admissible to serving
    members officers,airmen and NCs(E) provided their DSOPF/AFPPF balance
    has been brought down to the minimum required under Deposit Link Insurance

    Loan is admissible maximum twice in service career of a member
    . Second loan will be sanctioned after 3 years period from date of recovery
    of last installment of 1st loan. Loan is not admissible to retired AF
    Loan Type
    SSC Officers
    Interest free loan
    Annexure to Appendix 'D' to AFO 8/95 should be forwarded.
  • Eligibility Condition
  • Purpose
    Dependent Sister and Daughter marriage
    Dependency certificate by the unit Adj that the applicant has
    a sister of marriageable age who is fully dependent on the applicant
    giving the name, age, date of birth alongwith POR number as per
    service documents, For sister's marriage, parents should also
    be dependent.

    (ii) Proposed date of marriage.

    (iii) Anticipated total expenditure.

    (iv) Details of bridegroom, viz the name, his address, age,
    occupation, name and address of employer etc.
    Repairs of House which is fully or partly owned by the applicant
    A certificate from local Civil Authority(e.g. Municipality),
    Development authority, Corporation stating that the applicant
    is the owner, part owner, its location, address etc and that
    the house needs urgent and unavoidable repairs.

    (ii) Estimated cost of repairs.

    (iii) Members should have minimum 5 years of service.
    of self and family(wife/children fully dependent parents and
    unmarried sisters dependent on the applicant
    A medical certificate from SMO of Army of Air Force Hospital
    showing why the applicant or his dependent family member cannot
    be treated free through service source or service hospital.

    (ii) Bills/Receipts to be produced.
    meet unavoidable legal expenses incurred by the applicant
    Brief detail and causes for legal expenses.

    (ii) Documentary proof of legal expenses.
    due to unforeseen eventualities e.g. losses due to fire, theft,
    floods or other natural calamities
    Evidence of losses and damages due to the unforeseen calamity
    to be attached from local authority , police report etc.
    meet the cost of treatment of retarded and under developed children
    of AF personnel
    A certificate from SMO that the treatment is not admissible
    through service hospitals.

    (ii) Estimated expenditure on treatment duly certified by SMO.
  • Payment and recovery of Loans

  • If a loan is approved , the cheque for loan will be forwarded to the
    unit of the officer, airmen or NC(E), In case of officers the cheque
    will be drawn in their names and in case of officers the cheque will
    be drawn in their names and in the case of airmen and NCs(E) the cheque
    will be drawn in favour of the SI fund of the unit.

    Loan is recoverable in maximum of 30 monthly instalments. In case
    individual at time of sanctioning loan is left with lesser service,
    amount of recovery and instalments will be adjusted in such a way
    that loan is recovered before individual retire
  • Frequently Asked
  • Q.
    What if a person wants to avail more loan amount due to any reason

    A. First make the payment of the balance amount through cheque/DD
    and then the person will be eligible for another loan(Wel/Edu) after
    90 days of liquidation of Interest Free Loan.