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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question. How can I get it answered?

Please feel free to write and ask any question on our website's "Forum" section.

You will get a response very quickly. Our forum response time is faster than on email. 

Why should I participate in the Forum? Others will copy my trade secrets, if I write on the Forum. 

Whether you participate in the contest or not, the forum can help in multiple ways:

1. Clear any confusion you might have about participating or in submitting the application. We answer the forum questions the fastest.

2. The forum is frequented by experts (non participating) and sometimes even jury members, in almost all the technologies that shall be utlised in making this swarm. So its the best place to get clarity on technical issues.

3. If you are concerned about your idea being stolen only ask pointed technical questions and not the whole concept. Nevertheless, its almost imposible to copy a solution by just reading a forum question or response. But if you are concerned ask only simple to the point questions. 

4. Also please read the forum discussions to get an understanding on topics that others got confused with in the Competition Details Document (CDD). Just so you dont harber the same confusions / misunderstandings without even knowing so, please peruse the forum.

5, Reading through and watching the videos might get you an idea about alternate solutions out there. 

6. Time and again we might release news about an event, or clarify some issue. So please frequent the forum. 

Best of luck with your application!!

How many drones need to be showcased in total?

The phase II goals are set more as a subset of the phase III goals and thus are more like a stepping stone in the development process.

Therefore, any changes in fundamental architecture from phase II to phase III need to have a strong rationale.

Secondly, each phase III drone should be capable of operating in both the GPS enabled and GPS denied environments.

Thus a team is only expected to show case a total of fifty drones in a swarm. 

I/We do NOT have ALL the skills to make a Drone Swarm, can we still participate? How can we augument our skills?

The IAF understands that ALL the skills to make a complete UAV/Drone swarm system might not be available with the starting team. 

The IAF encourages you to actively use the "Forum" section to ask/advertise for missing skill sets.  

Also the IAF encourages you to attend the networking sessions to be held from time to time to look for more team mates.

Post Phase I the IAF shall allow various participating teams to partner together for the remaining course of the competition.

If you have an exceptional solution to a part of the Drone Swarm i.e. an individual sub system you can still upload that solution by the November deadline. If the jury finds merit in your solution you can partner with any other qualiafied team in Phase II. 

Please read section "5.0 Incubation" for details in the Competition Details Document (CDD).  

Who is eligible to participate in the competition?

Only Indian citizens are allowed to participate it the competition. Indian registered for-profit companies, entities, academic institutions and teams of Indian citizens are eligible to participate in the competition.

Groups of Indian citizens e.g. college students can participate only in the first phase (Phase I) without a formal registered for-profit entity or startup.

But upon selection for participation in Phase II and subsequent continued participation in the competition the group shall need to form an established for-profit Indian company. No exceptions shall be allowed.

More details can also be found in the document titled : Complete Details, available under the download section.

Do we need a working prototype to participate?

No, a team does not need a prototype to participate in the phase I of the competition.

But if selected for Phase II one will need to show a working prototype that meets the goals outlined in the Competition Details Document (CDD). 

Though a prototype is NOT required, if a team has any prototype or part of the system available at the competition onset, they are strongly encouraged to mention so and attach photos, videos etc to their Phase I application. These shall give the jury more confidence to invite the team for the Phase I presentation.

Which and when is the first deadline for the competition?

To participate in the Megar Baba competition, the team needs to first upload their Phase I application by November 14th, 2018.

The upload registration can be found under the "Application" section of the website after login to the website with a username and password previously created.

Other dates for the Phase I of the application are provided in the "Competition Details" document available under the "Download" section.

Where are the complete details for the participation for Mehar Baba competition?

Complete details of this competition for the Mehar Baba Prize can be downloaded in a PDF format from the "Download" section of this website.

You will first need to create a username and password and then login in with the same to enable the "Download" section and other application features.

Best of luck with the competition!

The IAF faces many challenges of its own while undertaking HADR operations and thus innovative solutions are sought to provide better support. One such way is the deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones as the first response for search and rescue (SAR) missions while circumventing existing human limitations.

Collaborative UAVs equipped with appropriate software (e.g. artificial intelligence, swarm intelligence etc.) and hardware (e.g. multiple sensors, high payload carrying capacity etc.) have the potential to create better HADR capabilities and help the IAF envisage a future of humanitarian response in a far more able manner.