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The Indian Aviation Contingent was the first military aviation contingent that was deployed in the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) in October 2005. The Contingent came to Sudan as part of UNMIS subsequent to passing of UN Security Council Resolution 1590 on 24 Mar 05 under Chapter VII of UN Charter i.e. Peace Enforcement.

Five contingents have completed their deputation of one year each. The last contingent commenced from 20 Jan 10 and was repatriated on 27 Dec 2010. Since induction the IAC rotations have flown a total of 10420 Hrs and delivered 1435814 Kgs of cargo and transported 71814 passengers.


The Indian Aviation Contingent is located at Kadugli , Sudan related diseases caused death of approximately 3,00,000 people. Kadugli town is located in the central part of Sudan.

The Indian Aviation Contingent camp site is located near the Kadugli Airport. The contingent is co-located with the Indian Army Force Reserve Battalion and the Egyptian Contingent.

Six Mi-17 Helicopters of the Indian Aviation Contingent are located at the Kadugli Airport.




Tasks Assigned

The tasks assigned to the contingent were as follows:

  • Insertion / Extraction of Quick Reaction Force (QRF)
  • Underslung Operations
  • Air Patrol / Observation Missions
  • Carriage of Cargo
  • Search and Rescue

  • Medevac/ Casevac


The Indian Aviation Contingent with six Mi-17 helicopters was inducted in Sudan in Oct 05 and has been deployed at Kadugli since Nov 05.









The IAC was headed by Air Vice Marshal M Bahadur VM, then Gp Capt, the Contingent Commander. The contingent is akin to an Air Force Station and was commanded by Wg Cdr B Chandrasekhar.







The contingent flew 1684:50 hrs of accident and incident free flying. The total number of passengers carried was 9752. Additionally, total cargo of 2,81,587 Kgs including U/Slung load of two Nissan Patrol vehicles was lifted.

The major achievements of the contingent were as follows:-

(a) Meticulous planning leading to procurement and transportation of COE amounting to approximately 1200 tons in 13 AN – 124 aircraft from India to Sudan ensuring that not a single item procured was left behind.

(b) Erection of Helicopters at Khartoum in shortest possible time despite administrative delays and extremely hot weather.

(c) Establishment of the entire camp on a completely barren piece of land in a record time despite extremely hot and testing weather conditions. The camp is looked upon as the model camp in the entire mission.

(d) Quick assimilation and dissemination of UN and Sudan specific flying orders and instructions leading to readiness of aircrew in shortest possible timeframe.

(e) Early familiarisation of all aircrew ensuring rapid operational readiness.

(f) 1684:50 hrs of accident and incident free flying.

(g) Having an uninterrupted power supply with 100% serviceability of DG sets and power distribution system

(h) Establishing and maintenance of all range of appliances like cold storage unit, washing machines, air conditioners etc.

(j) Maintaining fleet of 36 vehicles without any breakdown and sustaining 100% serviceability through out.

(k) Extensive utilization of workshops facility and applying innovative approach in all spheres of camp life.

(l) Establishing all labs and support facilities for helicopter servicing within containers which was highly appreciated by UN inspectors.

(m) Establishing servicing set up without any infrastructure and carrying out 27 second line servicing in open.

(n) Adapting to field servicing in all respects and setting up sound maintenance culture to have safe flying.

(o) Establishing safe maintenance practice and culture in all spheres of camp life and adapting to field conditions.

(p) Innovative modification and use of containers for establishing telephone exchange / logistic stores and other office accommodation.

Indian Aviation Contingents in UNMIS

A total of five contingents have served in UNMIS from year 2005 To 2010.

Rotation I








The first rotation was inducted in Dec 06. The contingent was commanded by Gp Capt Anil Tiwari.


Rotation II









The second rotation was inducted in Dec 07. The contingent was commanded by Gp Capt S Maingi.


· Abyei crisis- 14th may 2008.

. Daring day and night operations.

. Evacuation of total 240 un civilians staff in day and night operations.

. Insertion of 60 FRB troops into Abyei.

· Single engine recovery in inclement weather.

· Total flying of 2084 hrs. (highest flying in a single month—320 hrs (may 2008).

· Abyei crisis operations and record flying now documented by ‘best practices’ cell of United Nations New York.

Rotation III









The third rotation was inducted in Jan 09. The contingent was commanded by Gp Capt R Shankar.


· Rotation of two helicopters from Khartoum within 15 days of induction.

· Highest flying of 270 hrs in July month.

· Deployment of troops during Abyei & Akobo crisis.

· Availability of all 6 helicopters (100% serv.) for 112 days.

· Flew 270 hours in month of Jul 09.

· 87 hrs flown against non revenue sorties ( 0.04% of total flying).

· All vehicles maintained serviceable at all times.

· No MT accident/ incident.

· Workshop facilities optimally utilized for infrastructure build up.

· All electrical equipments/services maintained serviceable at all times.

· Allied services like internet and cable TV were effectively utilized and managed.

· Cemented basket ball court with fibre glass boards.

· Meditation centre for all faiths.

· Flooring of contingent workshop and MT section.

· Ergonomic work stations in the IAC airport lounge.

· Re-erecting arch at the entrance of the camp.

Rotation IV









The fourth rotation was inducted in Jan 2010.

The contingent was commanded by Gp Capt T A Dayasagar






The rotation IV was flagged off from AF station Palam, New Delhi and reached Kadugli on 20 Jan 2010.

Operational Achievements

· First casevac near Malaka within a week of arrival at Kadugli . Sixteen injured personnel were rescued. Since then the contingent has flown 69 injured personnel to safe locations.

· The contingent has flown a total of 1811 hrs delivering 374381 kgs of cargo and transporting 12590 passengers.

· Very high standards of Flight Safety resulting in nil Accident or Incident.

· The IAC also participated in:-
Ex Ops Blue Angel.
Egyptian troop rotation.
Indian troop rotation.
Long range patrol deployment.
Ex Ops Swift Shield.


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