BORN: 20 MAR 1915 | DIED: 11 MAR 1952
Air Cmde Mehar Singh was born in the district of Lyallpur on 20 Mar 1915. Mehar Singh was attracted by the idea of flying at a very young age which led him to join Royal Air Force College Cranwell, England in 1934, and soon Mehar Singh earned the respect of his fellow airmen with his flying skills. Formally known as Baba Mehar Singh, he earned an image of a strict disciplinarian amongst his subordinates, but also looked after them with a lot of care and affection. As a 29 years old Squadron Commander he was awarded Distinguished Service Order (DSO) for effective leadership and personal bravery. Out of his many achievements, the mission led by Baba Mehar Singh carrying the first contingent of Indian Army in a Dakota aircraft to Srinagar in 1948 is the most memorable. Baba Mehar Singh retired in 1948 from the IAF. His life was cut short when he died in an air crash on 11 Mar 1952.

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