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Procedure for obtaining No Objection Certificate from MoD for operating schedule flights from IAF aerodromes.

(A) Operators are to forward a formal proposal to MoD at least three months prior to the proposed date of commencement of flights to the address given below. The proposal should contain the following information:-

  • Name of the defence aerodrome/s from which schedule operations are proposed.
  • Proposed date/month of operations.
  • Type of aircraft.
  • Proposed schedule, if available.
  • Details of foreign pilots/crew, if employed.

(B) The proposal should be addressed to,

  • Director (Air-I)
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Air Head Quarters (VB)
  • Rafi Marg
  • New Delhi - 110 011
  • Telephone: 23011872
  • Fax no.: 23016304

A copy of the proposal should also be addressed to Director Operation (Air Traffic Services), Air Head Quarters (VB), Rafi Marg, New Delhi 110 011.

(c) After processing the proposal the final NOC will be issued by the Ministry of Defence.

Procedure for obtaining approval of the schedule i.e. days and timings of the flight.

If the schedule is not forwarded with the initial proposal the same may be forwarded at least 15 days prior to the commencement of the flight directly to D Ops (ATS), Air Headquarters (Vayu Bhavan) New Delhi-110 011.

Procedure to be followed in case of change in schedule.

(a) Changes to scheduled timings, if any are to be notified and approval of the new schedule to be obtained from D Ops (ATS), Air HQ at least 15 days before commencement of new schedule.

Terms and conditions for operating schedule flights from/to IAF aerodromes.

  • The flight is undertaken at operators own risk.
  • Air Force operational flying will take priority over the civil flights and may entail some delays in arrival/departure.
  • The scheduled timings proposed for the operations will be subject to approval by the Air Headquarters and shall be strictly adhered to. Delays, if any, beyond the control of operators may be accepted during the laid down watch hours of aerodromes subject to local traffic and operational commitment of the concerned AF station.
  • Changes to scheduled timings, if any are to be notified and approval obtained from Air HQ at least 15 days prior to proposed schedule becoming effective.
  • The facilities/infrastructure at IAF aerodromes mainly cater for Air Force commitments. The airfield markings, Nav-aids, runway crossing points, ATC briefing section etc may not conform to ICAO standards. In this regard, IAF accepts no responsibility, whatsoever, for the variations, if any.
  • The Fire Protection level available would be notified as per the ICAO norms. The manning of fire stations and availability of additional ambulance may not be adequate for mass rescue of passengers. However, contingency plans would be in place to augment these services from local/neighboring resources.
  • Various structure and buildings such as the Arrester nets at runway ends, runway controller huts, etc are essential for the IAF operations and located within basic flight strip. All these structures may or may not have day and night obstruction markings. It will be the responsibility of the operators to brief the aircrew on the presence of these so that necessary precautions are exercised during operations. In this regard, IAF accepts no responsibility, whatsoever.
  • In the event of runway blockage due to an accident/incident, it will be the operators will ensure that the runway is expeditiously cleared to avoid adverse effect on IAF operations. As the IAF aircraft have limited endurance, any delay in runway clearance would result in large scale diversion of IAF flights. Hence the operators shall prepare suitable plans on clearance of disabled aircraft and forward the same to SATCO of concerned station.
  • PCN values of the runways and taxiways are as applicable. These may not correspond to the CAN of certain types of aircraft. It will be the responsibility of the operators to decide on the feasibility of operations. The IAF will be well within its rights to suspend further operations if the runway and taxiways are found to show any signs of pavement distress.
  • Where ever AAI civil enclaves are available, the aircraft will be parked at AAI dispersal and availability of parking slots would be coordinated with AAI.
  • Landing and Housing charges would be required to be paid by the operator as per the applicable rates of tariff from time to time. No credit facilities are allowed. The operator shall deposit one months advance towards landing and parking charges with IAF airfields before commencement of schedule operations.
  • No aerial/ ground photography from the aircraft is permitted and no sensory equipment is to be carried by passengers in hand bags.
  • At places where there is no separate civil apron, the company personnel and passengers are to abide by the security arrangements applicable at the aerodrome. Except in an emergency requiring immediate evacuation from aircraft, no passenger or article is allowed to disembark/embark on the aircraft unless suitable arrangements have been made by the operator in consultation with local IAF authorities.
  • Clearance from MHA (IB) and MEA is obtained by the operator, for foreign crew members.
  • Air Force reserves the right to suspend/cancel the flights in case of any breach of conditions mentioned herein, or in case of operational exigencies, without any prior notice.
  • Any stipulations, which may be promulgated by the IAF authorities in future, for the furtherance of IAF interests, would be binding on the operator.
  • Refueling facilities for the civil flights are provided by IOC/BPCL/HPCL. Operators are to establish direct liaison with them for these facilities.
  • As far as possible flight over the explosive depots/areas should be avoided.
  • There should be no flight over the areas of defence installations i.e. Central Ordnance Depots (CODs), Ordnance Depots (ODs), Ammunition Depots, Field Ammunition Depots (FADs), Advance Base Ordnance Depots (ABODs), Field Ordnance Depots (FODs) and Ordnance Factories


As per the existing procedure there is a need for civil non-schedule flights to obtain AOR clearance for operating to/from IAF aerodromes. AOR clearance will be issued by Dte of Intelligence, Air Headquarter (Vayu Bhavan) in coordination with MoD. Following categories of flights are required to obtain AOR clearance before operating to/from IAF aerodromes:-

  • All civil non-schedule flights operating to/from IAF aerodromes categorised as Restricted Aerodrome.
  • Civil non-schedule flights with foreign crew and/or foreign passengers operating to/from Restricted/ Open aerodromes.
  • Foreign registered civil aircraft.

Note :- An Indian registered civil aircraft with Indian crew and Indian passengers operating to/ from an Open Aerodrome for the following aerodromes do not require an AOR clearance.Civil aircraft operating to / from the following Open aerodromes required to obtain AOR clearance due non availability of civil Apron.

All IAF aerodromes other than those mentioned at para 6 above, are categorised as "Restricted Aerodromes".

In case of an Indian registered aircraft, the request for AOR clearance should reach Dte of Int, Air HQ (VB) at least one week prior to the proposed flight and in case of a foreign registered aircraft at least five weeks prior to the proposed flight.

Note:- Indian Civil Non-Scheduled operators are to forward their request as per the format given at Appendix-A B. Along with the request the operator is to forward details of passengers, list of personnel and vehicles who would enter the airfield for attending the aircraft. This list is required for obtaining the security clearance / passes for entering the aerodrome area.


The procedure for obtaining clearance for parking/night halt at IAF aerodromes is as follows:-

Civil Operators. Civil operators are permitted to carry out over night halt only in civil apron, if available at IAF aerodromes. Prior permission from Airports Authority of India is a must for parking/night halt in civil apron. Night halt at restricted aerodromes not permitted for civil operators where civil apron is not available. Night halts at an IAF airfield necessitated by unserviceability or any other exigency shall be at operators own risk. Air HQ (Dte of Int) is to be informed immediately in such cases.

Paramilitary and Govt Operators. They may be permitted night halt at all IAF aerodromes, for which permission will be accorded by Air HQ (Dte of Int) on case to case basis.

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