Airmen Training School

A Non-Technical Training Centre for airmen recruits was set up at Lahore in 1943 and then shifted to Hyderabad in the same year. It was renamed as No.1 Ground Training School. The school was shifted to Jalahalli in 1947 . The airfield camp at Sambra, Belagavi was initially set up by the Royal Air Force in 1942. After Independence, the camp and other assets were taken over by the Central Public Works Department. When No 1 Ground Training School (GTS) was relocated from Jalahali, Bangalore to Sambra Belgaum in 1962, the assets of the camp were transferred to the IAF. No 1 Ground Training School (GTS) . In 1980, it was renamed as Administrative Training Institute (ATI).

ATI was shifted to Air Force Station Tambaram in November 2001 and renamed as Airmen Training School (ATS) on 05 Dec 01, purely dedicated for Joint Basic Phase Training of all ab-initio trainees of the Air Force. Thereafter with effect from 20 Oct 2004, ATS was numbered as 405 Air Force Station, Belagavi.

Like technical trades, the training of non-technical trades were restructured in 2000 and 2004. The non-technical training institutions were reorganized in 2005. Presently, the different institutions which conduct training of airmen of non-technical trades are the Basic Training Institute, Non-Technical Training Institute, Air Force School of Physical Fitness, Air Force Police & Security Training Institute and Medical Training Centre.

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