• नभ:

  • स्पृशं

  • दीप्तम


Touch the sky with Glory

The Motto of the Indian Air Force (Touch the sky with Glory) has been taken from the eleventh chapter of the Gita, the Discourse given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra during the Great War of Mahabharata. The Lord is showing His Supreme Divine form to Arjuna and the great form of the Lord is reaching the sky with glory, evoking fear and loss of self-control in the mind of Arjuna.The Indian Air Force, similarly, aims to overwhelm the adversaries with application of aerospace power in defence of the nation.

नभ:स्पृशं   दीप्तमनेकवर्णं   व्यात्ताननं दीप्तविशालनेत्रम्      ।

दृष्ट्वा हि   त्वां   प्रव्यथितान्तरात्मा   धृतिं    न   विन्दामि   शमं   च   विष्णो   ।।


Lord, seeing your form “Touching the Sky With Glory”, effulgent, multi-coloured, having its mouth wide open and possessing large flaming eyes, I, with my innermost self frightened, have lost self-control and find no peace.

With immense pride, we carry this motto deeply inscribed  within our hearts. Spreading our wings wide, soaring to greater heights and redefining our limits, we reflect this divine lesson in all our deeds. Every milestone achieved gives us a new stepping stone to rise higher. The fuel to this amazing journey is derived from our Air warrior Code

Air Warrior Code

  • Irrespective of rank / appointment, or branch / trade, as an IAF person, I am foremost an Air Warrior.
  • In every act and deed, the Air Warrior places the security and honour of the country above everything else.
  • The Air Warrior always volunteers for the toughest tasks.
  • When ordered, the Air Warrior undertakes the assigned mission unflinchingly and endeavours to complete it to the best of his ability regardless of consequences to his safety.
  • The Air Warrior upholds the high traditions of the IAF and always strives to bring credit to his Country and Service.
  • Professionally and otherwise, the Air Warrior pursues excellence in whatever he/she does or supervises.
  • The Air Warrior is always honest and lives up to the trust placed in him/her by the Service and the Country.
  • The Air Warrior keeps physically fit and mentally agile.
  • When in Command or in-charge of subordinates, the Air Warrior leads with due concern for their safety and welfare and is prepared to do what he/she expects of them.
  • The Air warrior is impeccably turned-out and by his bearing and conduct strives to be a role model for others.

Our Crest

A crest symbolises the source of inspiration and encouragement. The Indian Air Force has adopted various crests for the commands, Squadrons and the other establishments. The Crests in the Indian Air Force have a standard frame. The central portion of the frame contains the individual formation sign with a motto shown in the scroll at the foot of the frame. The unit sign is drawn inside a circle of 3 inches diameter. The name of the formation of the units is shown in the upper half of the circle while Bhartiya Vayu Sena inscribed in the lower half. The crest and the motto are designed based on the role of the formation. The Crest is approved by the President of India and is of great historical and sentimental value. The Crest is normally presented by the AOsC-in-C at ceremonial parades. The importance of the crest can be understood from the fact that the movement of the crest from one place to another is done only by hand of an officer.

Our Ranks -An Overview

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