Patron-in Chief:

Air Chief Marshal FH Major AVSM, PVSM, SC, VM, ADC


Air Marshal BN Gokhale AVSM, VM

Air Marshal JN Burma AVSM, VSM

Project Led and Conducted by:

Air Vice Marshal DC Kumaria AVSM, VM, VSM

Project Coordinator:

Air Commodore SS Soman VM

Ground Control Room:

Group Captain Balasubramanium, Flight Lieutenant KS Sawhney,

Cpl Mishra, Cpl Yadav

Communication Support:

I-Trax International Ltd, Mr. Hilary Viera

Technical Support:

Dee Greaves India Ltd, Flight Design GmbH, Mr. Siegmar Sprenger

Flight Planning:

Aeroexplorer, Switzerland, HG Schmidt


IAF Web Portal, Gp Capt C Hari Kumar VSM, Wg Cdr Urmila Sahu, Cpl TP Acharya, Cpl HS Meher

Flight Tracking:

AMS Services Ltd, Canada, Latitude Technologies, Canada

We are grateful to Captain Satish Sharma Hon. Member of Parliament, Wing Commander Sanjay Thapar VM (Retd.) for their personnel contribution.

We acknowledge the assistance of Aero Club of India towards this expedition.

Executed Itinerary


DateFromATD(Hrs)ToATA(Hrs)Flying hours (per sorites)Total Flying hoursDist(km)
01 Jun 07Delhi(Hindon)0800Allahabad10472 hrs 47 mins2 hrs 47 mins574
01 Jun 07Allahabad1250Bagdogra16293 hrs 39 mins6 hrs 26 mins730
02 Jun 07Bagdogra0540Guwahati07201 hrs 40 mins8 hrs 06 mins332
02 Jun 07Guwahati0850Mandalay12173 hrs 27 mins11 hrs 33 mins667
02 Jun 07Mandalay1400Yangon16502 hrs 50 mins14 hrs 23 mins554
03 Jun 07Yangon0709Yangon09092 hrs only16 hrs 23 mins-----
04 Jun 07Yangon0700Bangkok10203 hrs 20 mins19 hrs 43 mins659
05 Jun 07Bangkok0645Danang11304 hrs 45 mins24 hrs 28 mins850
06 Jun 07Danang0720Haikou10593 hrs 41 mins28 hrs 09 mins748
07 Jun 07Haikou0653Haikou09452 hrs 52 mins31 hrs 01 mins------
08 Jun 07Haikou0415Haikou09004 hrs 45 mins35 hrs 46 mins------
09 Jun 07Haikou------Guangahou------------------------------
10 Jun 07Haikou------Guangahou-----------------------------
11 Jun 07Haikou0830Guangahou14356 hrs 05 mins41 hrs 51 mins483
12 Jun 07Guangahou-------Xiamen------------------------------
13 Jun 07Guangahou-------Xiamen------------------------------
14 Jun 07Guangahou-------Xiamen------------------------------
15 Jun 07Guangahou0705Fuzhou11424 hrs 37 mins46 hrs 28 mins702
16 Jun 07Fuzhou-----Shanghai----------------------------
17 Jun 07Fuzhou0740Shanghai10533 hrs 13 mins49 hrs 41 mins630
18 Jun 07Shanghai0735Qingdao11033 hrs 28 mins53 hrs 09 mins672
18 Jun 07Qingdao------Dalian-----------------------------
19 Jun 07Qingdao0646Dalian10053 hrs 19 mins56 hrs 28 mins682
20 Jun 07Dailian0643Shenyang13036 hrs 20 mins62 hrs 48 mins340
21 Jun 07Shenyang-----Jiamusi----------------------------
22 Jun 07Shenyang0315Changchun05051 hrs 50 mins64 hrs 38 mins288
22 Jun 07Changchun0745Jiamusi10503 hrs 05 mins67 hrs 43 mins537
23 Jun 07Jiamusi0635Khabarovsk09152 hrs 40 mins70 hrs 23 mins419
24 Jun 07Khabarovsk0330Nikolaevsk07083 hrs 38 mins74 hrs 01 min643
25 Jun 07Nikolaevsk-----Ajan-----------------------------
26 Jun 07Nikolaevsk-----Ajan-----------------------------
27 Jun 07Nikolaevsk0920Ajan11422 hrs 22 mins76 hrs 23 mins404
28 Jun 07Ajan0357Ohotsk06382 hrs 41 mins79 hrs 04 mins443
28 Jun 07Ohotsk0945Magadan12282 hrs 43 mins81 hrs 47 mins435
29 Jun 07Magadan0701Magadan08581 hrs 57 mins83 hrs 44 mins------
30 Jun 07Magadan-----Chaybokha---------------------------
01 Jul 07Magadan-----Chaybokha---------------------------
02 Jul 07Magadan-----Chaybokha---------------------------
03 Jul 07Magadan0440Chaybokha07573 hrs 17 mins87 hrs 01 mins428
04 Jul 07Chaybokha0346Markovo07103 hrs 24 mins90 hrs 25 mins593
04 Jul 07Markovo0256Anadyr04431 hrs 47 mins92 hrs 12 mins348
04 Jul 07Anadyr0632Buhta Provideniya09182 hrs 46 mins94 hrs 58 mins432
05 Jul 07Buhta Provideniya0327Nome(USA)05211 hrs 54 mins96 hrs 52 mins387
06 Jul 07Nome2248Mc Grath01182 hrs 30 mins99 hrs 22 mins513
06 Jul 07Mc Grath0558Anchorage07511 hrs 53 mins101hrs 15mins359
07 Jul 07Anchorage-------Yakutat--------------------------------
08 Jul 07Anchorage-------Yakutat---------------------------------
09 Jul 07Anchorage2213Anchorage223017 mins101hrs 32mins-------
09 Jul 07Anchorage0458Anchorage055557 mins102hrs 29mins-------
10 Jul 07Anchorage------Yakutat-------------------------------
11 Jul 07Anchorage2243Anchorage233350 mins103hrs 19mins--------
11 Jul 07Anchorage0500Northway07282 hrs 28 mins105hrs 47mins455
12 Jul 07Northway2305Beaver Creek233025 mins106hrs 12mins082
12 Jul 07Beaver Creek0032White House02472 hrs 15 mins108hrs 27mins360
12 Jul 07White House0420Watson Lake06282 hrs 08 mins110hrs 35mins349
13 Jul 07Watson Lake2101Prince George01264 hrs 25 mins115 hrs785
13 Jul 07Prince George0358Bellingham07413 hrs 43 mins118hrs 43mins567
13 Jul 07Bellingham0824Snohomish090238 mins119hrs 21mins104
14 Jul 07Snohomish-------Salem-----------------------------------
15 Jul 07Snohomish2218Snohomish222709 mins119hrs 30mins-----
16 Jul 07Snohomish2023Salem22201 hrs 57 mins121hrs 27mins341
16 Jul 07Salem2341Arcata02172 hrs 36 mins124hrs 03mins446
17 Jul 07Arcata0600Stockten07101 hrs 10 mins125hrs 13mins422
17 Jul 07Stockten2315Santa Paula01382 hrs 23 mins127hrs 36mins440
18 Jul 07Santa Paula0108Good Year04223 hrs 14 mins130hrs 50mins625
19 Jul 07Good Year2032Dona Ana Co23363 hrs 04 mins133hrs 54mins557
19 Jul 07Dona Ana Co0114San Angelo04363 hrs 22 mins137hrs 16mins590
20 Jul 07San Angelo2306Bourland01102 hrs 04 mins139hrs 20mins329
20 Jul 07Bourland0355Texarkana05181 hrs 23 mins140hrs 43mins324
21 Jul 07Texarkana1924West Memphis21352 hrs 11 mins142hrs 54mins392
21 Jul 07Memphis2238Lexington02163 hrs 38 mins146hrs 32mins597
21 Jul 07Lexington0454Pittsburgh-Alleghney06071 hrs 13 mins147hrs 45mins478
21 Jul 07Pittsburgh-Alleghney2150North Central State01504 hrs151hrs 47mins727
24 Jul 07North Central State1957Westfield21161 hrs 19 mins153hrs 02mins105
24 Jul 07Westfield2328Albany001244 mins153hrs 46mins110
24 Jul 07Albany0155Toronto City Centre04312 hrs 35 mins156hrs 21mins464
24 Jul 07Toronto City Centre0613Brampton064128 mins156hrs 49mins041
25 Jul 07Brampton0120Matagami04353 hrs 15 mins160hrs 04mins685
26 Jul 07Matagami1914La Grande Riviera21101 hrs 56 mins162 hrs only430
27 Jul 07La Grande Riviera0128Kuujjuak04142 hrs 46 mins164hrs 46mins539
28 Jul 07Kuujjuak1853Kangiqsujuaq21292 hrs 36 mins167hrs 22mins515
28 Jul 07Kangiqsujuaq2215Kangiqsujuaq23592 hrs 14 mins169hrs 36mins-----
29 Jul 07Kangiqsujuaq---Iqaluit---------------------
30 Jul 07Kangiqsujuaq0257Iqaluit04392 hrs 42 mins172hrs 18mins296
01Aug07Iqaluit1720Nuuk21354 hrs 15 mins176hrs 33mins826
02Aug07Nuuk1716Kulusuk21274 hrs 11 mins180hrs 44mins743
02Aug07Kulusuk2245Reykjavik03194 hrs 34 mins185hrs 28mins735
04Aug07Reykjavik1519Hofn17242 hrs 05 mins187hrs 33mins325
05Aug07Hofn1453Lossiemouth19204 hrs 27 mins192hrs only1055
05Aug07Lossiemouth2210Halton00562 hrs 46 mins194hrs 46mins470
06Aug07Halhton1453Munster Osnabruck17262 hrs 33mins197hrs 19mins400
06Aug07Munster Osnabruck1847Eggersdorf21102 hrs 23 mins199hrs 42mins437
09Aug07Eggersdorf1044Eggersdorf12351 hrs 51 mins201hrs 33mins-----
12Aug07Eggersdorf1637Eggersdorf171336 mins202hrs 09mins-----
12Aug07Eggersdorf1942Friedrichschafen23003 hrs 18 mins205hrs 27mins626
13Aug07Friedrichschafen1128Rome15153 hrs 47 mins209hrs 14mins696
14Aug07Rome1255Latina133439 mins209hrs 53mins029
14Aug07Latina2016Kerkira23173 hrs 1min212hrs 54mins690
15Aug07Kerkira1142Istanbul16014 hrs 19 mins217hrs 13mins810
15Aug07Istanbul1838Kayseri21302 hrs 52 mins220hrs 05min578
16Aug07Kayseri0930Van13083 hrs 38 mins223hrs 43mins681
16Aug07Van1526Tabriz17011 hrs 35 mins225hrs 18mins256
17Aug07Tabriz0823Ahwaz13054 hrs 42 mins230 hrs only789
17Aug07Ahwaz1512Banadar Abbas19324 hrs 20 mins234hrs 20mins868
18Aug07Banadar Abbas0756Chah Bahar10022 hrs 06 mins236hrs 26mins445
18Aug07Chah Bahar1229Karachi16273 hrs 58 min240 hrs 24 min684
18Aug07Karachi1748Bhuj19171 hrs 31 min241 hrs 55 min312
19Aug07Bhuj0904Ahmedabad10341 hrs 30mins243hrs25mins303
19Aug07Ahmedabad1220Delhi(Hindon)16224 hrs 2 mins247hrs 27mins764
------247hrs 27mins40529 Kms





The aircraft which has been selected by the IAF is the CTSW, manufactured by Flight Design, Germany. This aircraft has been chosen due to its combination of its reliable Rotax engine, high cruise speed, safety, range and comfort. It has the ability to land at short and rough fields, and is made of advanced composite materials. It has a ‘Dynon’ EFIS-EMS glass cockpit, two Garmin GPSs, SATCOM, ‘Tru Trak’ autopilot, Mode S transponder.


Carbon-Aramid cockpit shell, strong landing gear, Ballistic parachute rescue system, Four point harness for the crew.


The CTSW structure is made from the very latest carbon fiber construction with rigid foam core and epoxy matrix with vacuum technology. All supporting structure consists of Carbon and/or Aramid fibers.

Engine Data:

Take-off power max at 5.800 1/min (max. 5 min):73.5 KW (100 HP)
Continuous power at 5.500 1/min:69 KW (95 HP)
Maximum RPM in level flight:5800 1/min (max. 5 min)
Idling speed:1500 1/min (2.100 at flight)
Cruising flight:4.200 – 5.500 1/min
Fuel type:93-97 Octane unleaded Premium Petrol / AVGAS 100LL
Fuel consumption at take-off:24 L/hour
Fuel consumption at cruising flight:18 L/hour
Fuel consumption at max cruising power:20 L/hour (5.200 RPM = 75% of the power)


Vmin minimum speed 65 km/h IAS
VCR: cruising speed240 km/h IAS
VC 75%: with 912S240 km/h IAS
VNE: max.permissible airspeed301 km/h IAS
Take-off run90 m / 300 ft.
Take-off distance over 15m obstacle160 m / 762 ft.
Max. range with 130l @ 180 km/h1800 km / 1000 Nm.


Flight Planning:

Lot of preparatory work has gone into flight planning. The route has to meet all guidelines of the FAI. In addition, several factors have been kept in mind for route selection:

Flying training:

The highly experienced crew were sent to the aircraft manufacturer in Germany for conversion. Apart from this they were exposed to IFR route flying in Dornier 228. Prior to commencing the expedition, they would also do long range and over sea flying in the CTSW within India.

Technical Training:

The crew have been trained on first line servicing and minor repairs on the aircraft in Germany. They have also undergone specialist training on the Rotax engine, with Dee Greaves India Ltd.

Physical Fitness:

An expedition of this nature requires peak physical fitness. Both pilots have been following a carefully designed programme of aerobic conditioning and strength training. The pilots have lost weight, which is an added bonus as more useful load can be carried.

Air regulations and International aviation law:

Pilots have been exposed to international flying procedures in Germany. They have also been extremely busy refreshing basic aviation knowledge, which will prove extremely handy.



First Flight Round the World

In 1924 four Douglas World Cruisers and eight American crewmen set out from Seattle, Washington, to attempt the first around-the-world airplane flight. One hundred seventy-five days later three of the aircraft and crews became the first to circumnavigate earth. The Douglas World Cruiser biplane was a variant of the Navy's DT-2 torpedo bomber that could be operated either with wheels or floats. The prototype was delivered 45 days after the contract was let in summer 1923. Tests were successful, and four more aircraft were ordered. Each of the aircraft was named after a US city representing a compass point: Seattle, crewed by Maj. Frederick Martin (pilot and flight commander) and SSgt. Alva Harvey (flight mechanic); Chicago, crewed by Lt. Lowell H. Smith (pilot) and 1st Lt. Leslie Arnold; Boston, with 1st Lt. Leigh P. Wade (pilot) and SSgt. Henry H. Ogden aboard; and New Orleans, with Lt. Erik Nelson (pilot) and Lt. Jack Harding in the cockpits.

The success was largely a result of extensive planning; 30 spare engines were dispatched all over the world prior to the flight; with cooperation of the Royal Air Force and the US Navy, 28 nations supplied thousands of gallons of fuel and oil along the flight path.

The airplanes left Seattle, Washington, on 6 April 1924 and headed west, equipped with the latest navigational aids. Even so, fog, blizzards, thunderstorms and sand storms took a toll. On April 30, Seattle crashed in dense fog on a mountainside near Port Moller on the Alaska Peninsula. Major Martin and Sergeant Harvey hiked out of the wilderness. The remaining crews continued, flying on to Japan, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, England, and Ireland. On 3 August Boston was forced down in the North Atlantic, sinking in rough seas while being towed. A prototype was dispatched to Nova Scotia, where Lieutenant Wade and Sergeant Ogden renamed the aircraft Boston II and rejoined the flight. The crews stopped in several US cities and returned triumphantly to Seattle on 28 September.

The trip had totalled 175 days, covering 44 360 km (27,553 miles), with stops in 61 cities, the total flying time being 371 hours, 11 minutes.

Earlier, in 1931, ex-barnstormer Post and navigator Harold Gatty had thrilled the world by dashing around the globe in the Winnie Mae. The flight was not only a great technical achievement, but one which demanded extraordinary fortitude. For over 106 hours, neither Post nor Gatty had an opportunity to sleep. The flight's elapsed time of 8 days, 15 hours and 51 minutes far surpassed the previous record of 21 days set in 1929 by the airship Graf Zeppelin.

First Solo flight around the world

Nine years later, in 1933, it took another American, Wiley Post, only 7 days to be the first to fly solo around the world. Between July 15 and 22, Post covered 25 110 km (15,596 miles) in 7 days, 18 hours and 49 minutes in one of the most remarkable displays of flying endurance of the century. Post's single engine Lockheed Vega, the Winnie Mae was equipped with a Sperry automatic pilot, a radio direction finder, and other new devices.

First Non stop flight round the world

The first non-stop flight around the world was made by, again, a team of the US Air Force flyers in 1949. Taking off from Carswell Air Force base in Fort Worth, Texas on 26 February, Captain James Gallagher and a crew of 14 headed east in a B-50 Superfortress, called Lucky Lady II. They were refuelled four times in air by KB-29 tanker planes of the 43rd Air Refuelling Squadron, over the Azores, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and Hawaii. The circumnavigation was completed on 2 March, having traveled 94 hours and 1 minute, covering 37 743 km (23,452 miles) at an average 398 km/h (249 mph).

Flight around the world, nonstop, non-refuelled

By 1986 designer Burt Rutan and pilots Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager had devoted over five years to building and flight-testing the Voyager. The canard wing design, or forward elevator, similar to that successfully used by the Wright brothers in 1903, provided additional lift and improved the plane's efficiency and range. A preliminary sketch of the 1903 Wright Flyer was drawn on a brown paper bag in the Wrights' living quarters in 1902. Coincidentally, the first sketch of the Voyager was made on a paper lunch napkin in 1980.

Constructed of graphite composites, Voyager's total weight was 4 050 kg (9 000 pounds), including an unprecedented 3150 kg (7 000 pounds) of fuel. On 14 December 1986 Richard Rutan and Jeana Yeager took off from Edwards, California, piloting the Voyager from a cramped 2,3 m (7.5 ft) long, 1,1 m (3.3 ft) wide and 1m (3 ft) tall cockpit. Voyager's takeoff weight was more than 10 times the structural weight, but its drag was lower than almost any other powered aircraft. Voyager's wingtips sustained minor damage during its takeoff roll because of the massive amount of fuel. Approximately 75 cm (2.5 ft) of graphite skin was missing from the left wing's foam core.

Traveling at an average speed of 185 km/h (115.8 mph), it took the Voyager 9 days, 3 minutes and 44 seconds to become the first aircraft to circumnavigate the globe nonstop, non-refuelling. They triumphantly landed again at the Edwards Air Force Base at 8:06 a.m. PST 23 December 1987.

First around the world non stop, non refueled, solo

Between February 8, 2006 – February 11, 2006, Fossett flew the GlobalFlyer for the longest aircraft flight in history: 25,766 miles (41,467 km).

The Scaled Composites Model 311 Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer is an aircraft designed by Burt Rutan in which Steve Fossett flew the first solo nonstop airplane flight around the world in a time of 67 hours 1 minute from February 28, 2005 until March 3, 2005. The flight speed of 550.7 km/h (342.2 mph) broke the Absolute World Record for the fastest nonstop circumnavigation set by the previous Rutan-designed Voyager aircraft at 9 days 3 minutes and an average speed of 186.11 km/h (115.65 mph). The attempt was described as "the last great aviation record attempt".

The aircraft was owned by the pilot Steve Fossett, sponsored by Richard Branson's airline, Virgin Atlantic, and built by Burt Rutan's company, Scaled Composites. The companies had previously announced a combined effort for Virgin Galactic.

Notable aerial circumnavigations

Round The Globe Expedition


Circumnavigating the globe in a microlight is the ultimate flying adventure. The planning and engineering required for the airplane is challenging and interesting. Studying the weather systems enroute and dealing with worldwide bureaucracies and regulations are quite daunting. No other single aviation event is this rich in content and equally multi-faceted. The flight will prove to be mentally and physically grueling, flying on average six hours a day in climatic extremes, placing high demands on the pilots and their aircraft.

Till date, only two microlights have accomplished this feat. The first was in 1998 by a British pilot, Brian Milton (along with K. Reynolds and P Petrov part of the way), taking 121 days. The second was by another British pilot, who took 99 days in 2000. This is the current record. The IAF plans to beat this record.


The route has been designed keeping in mind the control requirements of the Federation Aeronautiqe Internationale, (FAI) which is the governing body of aerosports. The FAI stipulates some restrictions as given below:



India Delhi, Allahabad, Bagdogra, Guwahati
Myanmar Mandalay, Yangon
VietnamDa Nang
China Haikou, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Hongqiao, Qingdao, Dalian, Changchun,    Jiamusi
Russia Khabarovsk, Nikolaevsk na Amure, Ajan, Okhotsk, Magadan, Chayabuhka, Markovo, Anadyr, Buhta Provedenia
USA(1st Leg) Nome, Mc Grath, Anchorage, Yakutat, Juneau
Canada(1st Leg) Prince Rupert, Comox
USA(2nd Leg) Bellingham, Snohomish, Salem, Arcata-Eureka, Tracy, Santa Paula, Lake Havasu City, Page, Colorado Springs, Liberal, Pauls Valley, Marshall, New Orleans, Marianna, Jacksonville, Camden, Roanoke
Canada(2nd Leg) Toronto, Matagami, Le Grand Riviere, Inukjuak, Kangiqsujuak, Iqaluit
Greenland Nuuk, Kulusuk
Iceland Reykjavik
Faeroes(Island) Vagar
UK Aberdeen, Norwich
Germany Munster Osnabruck, Eggersdorf, Friedrichshafen
Switzerland Samedan
Greece Kerkyra, Kavala
Turkey Istanbul, Samsun, Trabzon
Iran Tabriz, Kermanshah, Esfahan, Shiraz, Bandar Abbass
India Jamnagar, Udaipur, Delhi
Total Flight Plan Distance: 41303 km/ 22302 nmTotal Great circle Distance: 39549 km/21355 nmTotal flying time: 236 hoursTotal fuel: 3900 liters


Wg Cdr Rahul Monga and Wg Cdr Anil Kumar