AFRO Career Planning


NCs (E)


  1. Promotion Policies in Vogue. Promotion of Leading Aircrafts men to the rank of Corporal and Sergeant is based on passing the promotion examinations and completion of minimum length of service. Policy for further promotions to the rank of Junior Warrant Officer, Warrant Officer and Master Warrant Officer is on merit-cum-seniority. 
  2. Minimum length of service for Promotions. A Promotion Board is constituted in the month of May each year at Air Force Record Office to consider airmen for promotion. The minimum length of service presently in vogue is as follows: -Rank Min length of service 
    LAC to Cpl 5 Yrs
    Cpl to Sgt 13Yrs 6 months 
    Sgt to JWO 17 Yrs
    JWO to WO 23 Yrs
    WO to MWO 28 Yrs
  3. APPRAISAL SYSTEM OF PERSONNEL BELOW OFFICER RANK (PBOR)Appraisal system in an organization plays a key role in evaluation of an individuals job performance, behavior and personal traits. Appraisal of individuals is necessary in order to allocate human resources in a dynamic environment, motivate and reward individuals, give feedback about their work, maintain fair relationships within groups, train, develop and comply with regulations. Appraisal system, therefore, is necessary for human resource management to achieve the organizational goals along with the individual aspirations. These reports are utilized for: -(a) Promotions. 
    (b) Selection for various postings within India and abroad.
    (c) Commissioning.
    (d) Courses and Deputations within India and abroad.
    (e) Extension of service.
    (f) Grant of HONOURS and Awards. 
    (g) Honorary Commission.
    (h) Employment in other government organizations / agencies.
  4. Performance Counseling. Counseling of PBORs are carried out periodically. Appraisee is informed of the areas, wherein they need to improve upon. 
    The IAF is one of the best operational Air Force in the world. This requires constant updation of equipments, technology and trained human resource. Therefore, airmen are considered for regular training / courses conducted within the country and abroad on the basis of service requirements. The selection process is on merit and individual qualifications.
    Remustering is a process of change of trade during the career of airmen. The individual can opt for remustering as a means of career progression or due to medical problems. 
    IAF provides opportunity to airmen to become a commissioned officer in IAF through Service Entry Commission and in Indian Army through Army Cadet College Course. 
  8. Honorary Commission. To recognize the service rendered by an airman, a Warrant Officer when he superannuates, is granted honorary commission on merits.
    The IAF has earned its name in various peacekeeping missions around the world and is therefore tasked for many such missions abroad. Also, there are postings to various countries on different assignments. The selection criteria are as per the requirements laid down by Air HQ and are strictly as per merit. 
    Tindal Promotions. Based on the available vacancies, NCs (E) are promoted to the post of NC (E) Tindal on completion of 15 years of service. 
  11. Assured Career Progression (ACP) Scheme. Under the said scheme the eligible NCs (E) on completion of 10 years & 20 years of qualifying service are given financial upgradation.
  12. Appraisal System. Assessment system for assessing the character, general behavior and trade proficiency of NCs (E) of all trades has been introduced wef 01 Jan 06. The need for the system is felt to evaluate their overall performance, which would be a step forward, towards providing motivation and further incentive .


IAF provides opportunity for airmen with minimum 10+2 educational qualification and below the age of 27 years to become commissioned officer in Army through Army Cadet College Course. The eligibility candidate has to pass the written examination conducted by Army HQ. On passing the exam they were interviewed by SSB. If selected, Army HQ details the candidate to undergo the ACC course at IMA, Dehradun and on completion of the course at IMA, they are granted commission in the Army.


IAF provides opportunity for Sgt and above with minimum 10+2 educational qualification, f10 years of service and in the age group of 34 to 42 years, to become permanent commissioned officer in ground duty branches (Technical and Non-Technical) in the IAF. Airmen with higher education qualification and sports achievement are given weightage in select ion process. Eligible airmen have to pass the written test and SSB interview to be selected for commissioning course at AFA. On successful completion of the course they are granted permanent commission.