AF Technical College

Air Force Technical College (AFTC) was established on 04 Jul 49 with Gp Capt J Beaumont, DFC as the first Commandant. The College, then named as Technical Training College was established at Bangalore with the assistance of Air Service Training Ltd, Hamble (UK). For a few years in the beginning, the Commandant and other Directing Staff were from the Royal Air Force (RAF). The college was completely taken over by the Indian Air Force and the name of the institute was changed to Air Force Technical College on 06 Jul 56 with Group Captain NJ Kriplani MBE assuming charge as first Indian Commandant of the college.

Air Force Technical CollegeThe college ever since its inception had the unique distinction of being the only one of its type to train personnel in Military Aviation technology and associated fields. The College not only imparts technical training but also imparts military ethos and inculcates military leadership to fresh graduate engineers. The college has contributed significantly towards aviation technical training not only within the three services but also other organizations in the public and private sectors. The College till date has trained 13,890 officers of the IAF and the Sister Services, including Scientists from DRDO, international students and officers from HAL. This also includes 102 Army officers, 111 Naval officers and more than 419 Women officers. The College also trains International Officers from friendly foreign countries. To keep abreast withthe latest technologies, the College endeavors to continuously train engineering officers at different seniority through the in-service courses. AFTC holds the distinction of being the first ISO-9001:2000 certifiedtraining institution in the IAF and the same has been upgraded to ISO 9001-2008.

Air Force Technical College was set up as Technical Training College with the assistance of Air Services Training, Hamble, UK. AFTC has trained over 7990 officers of IAF (including 163 women officers), 102 officers of Indian Army, 111 officers of Indian Navy and 276 officers of 19 friendly foreign countries. Engineers and scientists from premier institutions and public sector industries like HAL, DRDO and Indian Airlines have had their initiation in aerospace technology at this institute.

The College Crest- 'GYANEN SHOBHAMAHE'

Crest AFTCThe crest of the College depicts a mechanical gear and emanating electrical waves superimposed by torch bearing an eternal flame. The President of India approved the crest on 08 Aug 62. The crest sympolises the flame of knowledge, which gives rise to the fraternity of mechanical and electronics professionals engaged in pursuit of excellence in aeronautical engineering. The motto printed on the crest 'Gyanen Shobhamahe' means 'it is knowledge through which we find pride in ourselves'. With its multi-faceted growth, the College has lived up to its motto and continues to impart high standards of training to military Aeronautical Engineers. The College was awarded the "Presidential Colors" by her Excellency Smt Pratibha Patil on 12 Nov 08.


Some of the important events in the history of AFTC are given below:-

  • Mar 1958 - 1st Foreign Officer (Indonesian) Joins AFTC
  • Aug 1962 - President of India approves Crest of AFTC 'Gyanen Shobhamahe'
  • Apr 1993 - Ist  Batch of 25 Women Officers are inducted
  • Jul 1999 - Golden Jubilee Year celebrated
  • Aug 2003 - Establishment of SWDC
  • 26 May 05 - Chief of Air Staff inaugurates Back- drop to Parade Ground
  • 23 Jan 06 - Establishment of MMI at AFTC
  • 01 Apr 06 - Commencement of Ist Distance Education Course

Former Commandants

Sl Rank Name From To
1st Gp Capt J Beaumant,CBE, AFC 04 Jul 1949 05 Jul 1956
2nd Gp Capt NJ Kriplani, MBE 06 Jul 1956 30 Jun1961
3rd Gp Capt K Narasimhan 01 Jul 1961 31Aug 1965
4th Gp Capt HD Mehra 25 Jan 1966 13 Sep 1966
5th Gp Capt RJ Hermon 14 Nov 1966 13 Jan 1970
6th Gp Capt JN Jungalawalla 28 Jan 1970 01 Jan 1972
7th Gp Capt SS Sahgal 02 Jan 1972 12 Apr 1976
8th Air Cmde SS Sahgal 13 Apr 1976 02 Jan 1977
9th Air Cmde Satinder Singh 03 Jan 1977 30 Jun 1981
10th Air Cmde SK Verma 01 Jul 1981 04 Jan 1983
11th Air Cmde S Venkataraman 05 Jan 1983 30 Nov 1983
12th Air Cmde S Roy 01 Dec 1983 27 Mar 1985
13th Air Cmde CL Kotwal 28 Mar 1985 03 Oct 1986
14th Air Cmde JP Dhir 04 Oct 1986 04Aug 1988
15th Air Cmde S Srinivasan, VSM 04 Aug 1988 03 Jan 1990
16th Air Cmde PN Bajaj 04 Jan 1990 21 Apr 1991
17th Air Cmde SS Gupta, VSM 22 Apr 1991 10 Feb 1992
18th Air Cmde K Badrinarayanan, VSM 17 Feb 1992 31Aug  1994
19th Air Cmde SKS Sitaram, VSM 01 Sep 1995 31 May 1996
20th Gp Capt JWR Chinnaiah   01 Jun 1996 25 Nov 1996
21st Air Cmde DS Gotra 26 Nov 1996 31 Dec 1997
22nd Air Cmde SK Jindal 01 Jan 1998 03 Sep 2000
23rd Air Cmde RC Kakar, VSM 04 Sep 2000 15 Jul 2002
24th  Air Cmde SL Sharma, VSM 15 Jul 2002 31 Jul 2004
25th Gp Capt Y Sharma   01 Aug 2004 08 Sep 2004
26th  Air Cmde Kamal Singh   09 Sep 2004 30 Sep 2006
27th  Air Cmde Rajiv Mittal   30 Sep 2006 30 Nov 2008
28th  Air Cmde P Kanakaraj   01 Dec 2008 16 Aug 2009
29th  Air Cmde HK Paul   27 Aug 2009 31 Jan 2012
30th Air Cmde Alok Singh 01 Feb 2012 Till date