• Air Veteran Insurance Cover scheme was first introduced by AFGIS on 01 Aug 81. The Scheme of Aug 81 (AVIC-81) has since been superseded by AVIC-90 Scheme, AVIC-99 Scheme, AVIC-2005 Scheme and AVIC-2011 Scheme.
  • With a view to further enhance the financial security of retired air warriors and their families, the AVIC-11 scheme was reviewed and the Board of Trustees of AFGIS has accorded its approval for introduction of Post Retirement Insurance Cover-2015 (AVIC-15) Scheme wef 01 Jul 15. The new scheme (AVIC-15) will provide enhanced insurance cover for the benifit of the air warriors retiring on or after 30 Jun 15 (struck off strength from IAF on or after 01 Jul 15). (To illustrate, an air warrior retiring on 30 Jun 15 AD hours would be covered under GIS-11 upto midnight of 30 Jun 15. He/she would contribute towards AVIC-15 on or before 30 Jun 15 and be covered under AVIC-15 with effect from 0001h on 01 Jul 15).
  • The terms and conditions of the AVIC-15 Scheme are elucidated in the succeeding paragraphs.

Salient features


All air warriors [officers, airmen and NCs(E)], who superannuate/ retire from IAF on or after 30 Jun 15 and are entitled to and are granted superannuation pension/ retiring pension, will be eligible to be a member of AVIC-15 Scheme. Membership of the Scheme is compulsory in respect of all eligible air warriors (refer AFI 16/87).

Air warriors, who fall in categories enumerated below, will not be eligible to membership in the AVIC-15 Scheme.

  • Deserters
  • Personnel who superannuated/ retired prior to 30 Jun 15
  • Air warriors, who have been cashiered, dismissed, removed, compulsorily retired (exclude SNLR cases) or called upon to resign their commission even though they have put in qualifying service for pension, shall not be eligible to membership in the AVIC-15 Scheme. However, in cases where the competent authority subsequently decides to grant superannuation/ retiring pension, the BoT, after considering the circumstances of the case that lead to the exit of such individuals, can accept their written request for grant of membership in the Scheme. In such cases, membership to the scheme shall be effective from the date of such acceptance of request by the BoT and receipt of the required contribution towards the scheme, whichever is later. This date would be the deemed date of retirement and the period of insurance cover mentioned in para 7 would be determined accordingly.
Insurance Cover and Monthly Contribution

The period and amount of insurance cover and the amount of one-time contribution is tabulated below:-

Category Amount of Insurance cover
(Rs. in lakh)
Amount of One-time Non-refundable Contribution
Officers 14 65800 1. 100% insurance cover for first 15 years from the date of retirement and thereafter 50% insurance cover upto the age of 75 years.
2. The one-time non-refundable contribution would be recovered in lump-sum by deduction from Survival Benefit payable at the time of retirement and / or directly from the member by cash/ cheque (in case of insufficient balance in survival benefit)
Airmen 7 32900
NCs(E) 3.5 16450
Payment of Insurance Claims

The insurance cover amount, as applicable, will be paid to the nominee(s) on occurrence of the insured contingency (death of the member). For affecting the payment, the nominee(s) would be required to submit death certificate, PRIC card/ AVIC card and the accepted copy of nomination (AFGIS/224) (all in original) and claim proforma (AFGIS/222 & 229) to the Society. The Scheme does not have any provision for payment of Survival Benefit or refund of the one-time non-refundable contribution.

Closure of AVIC-11 Scheme

The AVIC-11 Scheme will be closed to new membership wef the day the new scheme (AVIC-15) comes into effect. Consequently, recovery of advance contribution from IRLA under AVIC-11 will be discontinued wef Jun 15 onwards.