1. AFRICAN SAFARI: The first batch of second rotation of the Indian Aviation Contingent at Kadugli, Sudan arrived with 19 Officers, 75 PBORs on 15 Dec 07. An equal number of personnel of earlier rotation departed on the same day by the same aircraft from El-Obeid. The remaining Officers and PBORs of the first rotation continued to stay till 20 Dec 07. This period was well utilized by Rotation II to gather valuable information of the place, work and also to get the bearings right. This was also the time for informal mixing with the neighbours of the IAC.

Personnel travelling from Delhi to El-Obeid

2. ACTION STARTS: The formal handing and taking over was conducted on the morning of 21st Dec, in which Gp Capt Anil Tiwari handed over the Command of the IAC to Gp Capt Sudheer Maingi. This was followed by an emotional farewell of the personnel of Rotation I by all the personnel of Rotation II and those from the next door Army Unit.

3. REUNION: The second batch of Rotation II arrived on 23 Dec 07. They were received by the outgoing personnel of Rotation I at the El-Obeid Airport. The journey from El-Obeid to Kadugli was an exciting African Safari was over after covering distance of 270 kms which finally culminated in a rapturous welcome by the first batch at the camp at Kadugli.

Bidding Farewell to outgoing Contingent

4. WARM UP: The arrival of the full complement of Rotation II of IAC ensued a gradual settling and familiarization with the place and the commitments of the United Nations in Sudan. Amidst all these, the contingent celebrated Christmas and the New Year for the first time, without the near and dear ones. In the next few days, Rotation II of the IAC at Kadugli had taken complete control of the operations and other commitments in the extreme climatic conditions of this part of the African Continent.