Central Air Command

1. Indian Air Force had undergone a major expansion process during 1950s wherein the command and control structure was reorganised. The No.1 Operational Group of 1947 at Calcutta was revived in 1958 and was given the responsibility of organising and supervising the aerial operations of the IAF in the Eastern as well as the Central sector of the country. Post Chinese aggression of 1962, further requirement of change was felt and the area of responsibility of this Operational Group was bifurcated in two separate commands. Accordingly Central Air Command (CAC) was formed in Mar 1962 to keep vigil along the Indo-Nepal at Rani Kutir, Kolkata. But keeping in view the area of responsibility of CAC, the location of Kolkata was found too skewed towards East. Therefore, in February 1966, HQ CAC was shifted to Bamrauli, Allahabad. Presently, the area covered by CAC ranges from the snow peaked mountains in the North to the Gangetic planes and centre highlands.

2. Central Air Command with its motto of ‘Damniyah Atmashatravah’ (Vanquish The Enemy) has an enviable and exemplary record during war and peace time services to the nation. As one of the premier Commands of the Indian Air Force, Central Air Command has evolved with time and has seen a paradigm shift in the employability of airborne platforms. Vintage and legacy fleets have been replaced with more potent and lethal platforms. Aircraft such as the versatile Canberra, Spitfire, Liberator, Gnat, MiG-25, Packet, AN-32 and Mi-4 have been made way for modern aircraft such as the Mirage 2000, Su-30 MKI, Jaguar, the high performance Airborne Warning and Control System, IL-76, Mi-17 and ALH..

3. Central Air Command has a rich history of achievements and over the years it has assumed significant importance in safeguarding the skies of the nation. The Command Headquarters is the hub of all operational activities and squadrons under this Command have participated in all major operations since independence. Central Air Command has stood up to all challenges and has brought glory in war as well as in peace.