CELEBRATIONS:Festivals are a great uniting factor and morale booster and this becomes all the more important in places like Sudan. So the personnel of the IAC gears up for any such occasion. The first of the festivals celebrated was Lohri, on the 13th of January with a lot of pomp show. Bhangra is the music of the crowd, so we had lots of it till late in the night along with a good layout of food.

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CONTIGENT PICNIC:In Kadugli it is very hard to find a suitable picnic spot, especially in this season, when all around the terrain is dry and dusty. Moreover, with the initial stress upon settling down properly, there was hardly any opportunity for fun and frolic. It was only after two months or so on the 9th of Feb; we could get to know the place for a good outing. Close to our Camp is a beautiful dense green forest, primarily consisting of very old and huge mango trees. Under the shade of the forest, we had the first contingent picnic. The personnel put their best foot forward for the occasion and the event was a huge success. There were poetry recitals, songs, games and a lot of ingenious items put across for all to enjoy. The culmination to all these was an intense “Tug Of War” between the different groups of the contingent with a great lunch.

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THE INDIAN CRICKET LEAGUE (OVERSEAS):T-20 match is en vogue all over the world and not to be left behind, the top line players from the IAC and the FRB grouped together to have a go at the T-20 on the 16th of Feb. The match was of such a standard that even the Nimbus Sports wouldn’t have been shy of Telecasting! Nevertheless, in the absence of a suitable sponsor, the match was shown on the local Television Network, using the combined resources of the IAC & the FRB, with a running commentary given by the officers from both sides. The match ended with the FRB winning by the narrowest of the margins.

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SARVA DHARMA PUJA:Two of the aircraft were getting due for a major servicing in India. These two were getting replaced by two from India by the mammoth AN 124. The wait for the arrival of these aircraft started from January, and finally it was over in the month of Feb. The offloading of the choppers from the AN 124 was a sight by itself. The reassembling procedure was tedious and hard, but finally the two choppers were made ready by the 20th of Feb. The two aircraft returned to Base on the 20th of Feb amidst a lot of fanfare. The much awaited “Sarva Dharma Puja” for all the aircraft was held on the 24th Of Feb, attended by all.

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COMPUTER LITERACY PROGRAMME:Computers are becoming indispensable of our life in era of information technology. Need and importance of computer doubles if you are abroad and away from home. Realizing the importance of computer knowledge, Contingent Commander emphasized the computer literacy for all Nile Warriors. The classes for the same started from 09 Mar 08 onwards. Classes are planned for two weeks comprising of theory and practical classes of introduction to computer hardware, Microsoft office (MS Word, Power point, Excel) and surfing on net. Till date 55 Nile Warriors are trained.

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VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONSHIP:Contingent personnel firmly believes in keeping themselves fit by doing regular PT on every Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Entire strength is divided into six teams with one senior Wing Commander as a team leader. To encourage sportsman spirit among the air warriors away from home volleyball championship was conducted from 04 May 08 to 04 Jun 08. Championship was inaugurated by Wg Cdr MR Anand VM officiating Contingent Commander on 04 May 08. Competition was conducted with all zeal and enthusiasm with very high quality of volleyball through out the tournament.

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