Central Servicing Development Organisation (CSDO)
Central Servicing Development Organisation is a premiere institution in the maintenance hierarchy of Indian Air Force (IAF). As the IAF inventory of aircraft began to expand in the early-sixties, both with the regard to aircraft types and the countries of origin, a need was felt to address the problem of aircraft maintenance management. A team was constituted to study the functioning of CSDE (Central Servicing Development Establishment). Consequently CSDO was formed at Kanpur on 01 Nov 1968 with two detachments, one each at Delhi and Bangalore. In Jun 1990, the organisation shifted to Subroto Park, New Delhi and the detachment with Delhi was merged with it. This also facilitated frequent and closer interaction with Operations and Maintenance Directorates at Air HQs. The Detachment at Bangalore is directly under the functional and admin control of CSDO, AF New Delhi and deals with aircraft manufactured and under development at HAL.
During five decades of its existence, CSDO, AF has undergone tremendous transformation to keep pace with the changes taking place in the IAF and produced results beyond its specified role.

Technical Office Distribution (TODO)
Technical Office Distribution (TODO) is a part of Central Servicing Development Organisation (CSDO) located at Subroto Park, New Delhi. TODO is responsible for management of publications of C-17 and C-130J Aircraft. The contact details of CSDO/TODO is as follows:

Air Force Station, Subroto Park
New Delhi, Delhi, India-110010