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Endorsement of NOK Pensioners

The procedure for grant of family pension after the unfortunate demise of pensioners was time consuming and was causing inconvenience to the family. Therefore a need was felt to endorse wife's name in the PPO for sanction of family pension in order to avoid delay/overcome difficulties experienced during the past. Hence, the system of Joint Notification of wife's name for family pension together with service pension was started wef 01 Mar 1985.

For the retirees of period prior to 01 Mar 1985, a separate PPO for endorsement of family pension is being issued on receipt of applications from affected pensioners. Despite wide publicity, it is found that Joint Notification is yet to be done in respect of a large number of pensioners including the ones who are married/re-married after retirement.

All the eligible and affected pensioners are required to submit requisite form of application (Appendix-I) (Specimen is placed at Appendix-A) in triplicate duly completed and verified by their Pension Disbursing Authority to AFRO (OIC Pen & Wel Wing), Subroto Park, New Delhi at the earliest. Application form either could be down loaded or obtained from AFRO (OIC Pen & Wel Wing).

Following aspects may kindly be noted :-

(a) In the case of re-employed pensioners, an NOC stating No family pension has been/will be sanctioned in future by re-employer is required to be submitted alongwith application.

(b) Dual family pension is not admissible. However, family pension from Air Force service is also admissible in addition, where a pensioner was/is re-employed under Employee Pension Scheme 1995 or Family Pension Scheme 1971 and in receipt of family pension under these schemes.  A Certificate stating the admissibility of family pension under these schemes is required for grant of family pension from Air Force side.

(c) An attested copy of original PPO (vide which original pension was sanctioned to pensioner) is also required to be enclosed. If not held, the same could be obtained from Pension Disbursing Authority.

(d) The benefit of ordinary family pension has also been extended for life to Handicapped child/children and Widowed/divorced daughter. Family pension to the widowed/divorced daughter will be sanctioned only after death of pensioner and family pensioner.

A separate case be taken with AFRO for endorsement of name of Handicapped child/children in the Pension Payment Order. In this regard all pensioners (ex-airman or spouse in case ex-airman had expired) are advised to submit details of handicapped child/children alongwith under mentioned documents/certificates to this office: -

(a) An attested Xerox copy (attestation should be done by First class gazetted officer only) of Medical Certificate issued by Medical Officer not below the rank of Civil Surgeon. If the certificate is to be procured from Armed Forces Side then the certificate is to be obtained from Medical Officer of the rank of Brigadier or above. Medical Officer should certify the percentage of disability/degree of mental retardation, name of disease and also certify that individual is unable to earn his/her livelihood. (Specimen certificate of disability is placed as Appendix B).

(b) Original Affidavit sworn before First Class Magistrate regarding the inability of child/children to earn his/her livelihood due to his mental physical nature.

(c) In case the handicapped child/children (mentally retarded) is unable to draw family pension at its own then the pensioner (ex-airman or spouse in case of ex-airman had expired) are advised to nominate a person who will act as guardian of the handicapped child. The nominated person will draw family pension on behalf of handicapped child.

(Note: Even if the ex-airman had already got endorsed the handicappcy of his/her children in his service records then also the certificates as mentioned in para-5 (a) and (b) are required to be submitted again)

For any query/clarification, please contact OIC Pension & Welfare Wing, Air Force Record Office, Subroto Park, New Delhi  110 010. 
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Fax  011-25696359. 
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