Exercises - Red Flag Aug 08

The Indian Air Force participated in a multinational Air Exercise, 'Ex - Red Flag 08' at the invitation of United States Air Force (USAF), held at Nellis Air Force Base in the US from 09-23 Aug 08.

The Red Flag 08 had the participation of IAF with eight Su-30s, two IL-78 tankers an IL-76 aircraft & 247 Air Warriors along with the French Air Force with Rafale, South Korean Air Force with F-15s & US AF with F-15s & F-16s. IAF & other visiting Air Forces along with a large USAF element were part of the Blue Forces (friendly) which would engage in combat with the Red Forces. The Red Forces were the "Aggressors" with F-15s &   F-16s aircraft of 64th & 65th Aggressor squadrons of USAF based at Air Force Base Nellis.