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Lakshman Madhav Katre PVSM AVSM and bar CAS

Start Date: 
Tuesday, September 4, 1984
End Date: 
Monday, July 1, 1985

LM Katre was born in Madras on 26 January 1927. His father Dr MS Katre retired as Inspector General of Prisons.

Lakshman Madhav Katre joined as an officer cadet on 03 Aug 1944. He was granted emergency Commission in the RIAF in the General Duties (Pilot) branch on 09 Apr 1945. He was granted permanent commission on 26 Apr 1947. He completed the No. 105 all-purpose Flying Instructors Course at UK between 18 Apr 1948 and 13 October 1948.

In his career in the lAF, he has commanded with distinction Operational Squadrons and Squadrons and stations and the Air Force Academy. During 1971 war he successfully conducted uninterrupted operations from one of our most forward airfields and one, which was regularly attacked by the P AF. This was due to his meticulous planning.


As the Commandant of the Air Force Academy at Dundigal, he expanded the facilities to cater for the training of Ground duty officers. Flying activity at the base was successfully reoriented for advance training on jet aircraft and safety record achieved during his tenure. On completion of the Royal College of Defence Studies Course in England in 1976, he was appointed Senior Air Staff officer of a major Air Command. Under his direction, the operational effectiveness of the forces in the command increased manifold. With his wide experience of fighter flying he was able to conduct various air exercises which simulated realistic battle conditions.

He died suddenly while in service, on 01 Jul 1985 at 1015 hrs.


Air Chief Marshal