Transport Aircraft

Transports Aircraft C-130J : The aircraft is capable of performing paradrop, heavy drop, casuality evacuation and can also operate from short and semi prepared surfaces. C-130J is the heaviest aircraft to land at DBO in Aug 2013.

Transports Aircraft C-17 : The aircraft is capable of carrying a payload of 40-70 tons up to a distance of 4200-9000 km in a single hop.

Transports Aircraft IL-76 : A four engine heavy duty/long haul military transport aircraft of Russian origin with a max speed of 850 km/hr. It has a twin 23 mm cannon in tail turret and capacity to carry 225 paratroopers or 40 tonnes freight, wheeled or tracked armoured vehicles.

Transports Aircraft AN-32 : Twin engine turboprop, medium tactical transport aircraft of Russian origin with a crew of five and capacity to carry 39 paratroopers or max load of 6.7 tonnes. It has a max cruise speed of 530 km/hr.

EMBRAER EMBRAER : The main role of employment of this executive Jet Air craft is to convey VVIPs/VIPs to destinations within India and abroad. Air HQ Communication Squadron operates this aircrafts and it has maintained a flawless incident/accident free track record till date.

avro AVRO : Twin engine turboprop, military transport and freighter of British origin having a capacity of 48 paratroopers or 6 tonnes freight and max cruise speed of 452 km/hr.

Dornier Dornier : Twin engine turboprop, logistic air support staff transport aircraft of German origin capable of carrying 19 passengers or 2057 kg freight. It has a max speed of 428 km/hr.

Boeing 737-200 Boeing 737-200 : Twin engine turbofan, VIP passenger aircraft of American origin with total seating capacity of upto 60 passengers. It has a max cruise speed of 943 km/hr.