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Wife/Parent of Missing Personnel

Grant to Missing Personnel

Missing Personnel Grant amount is paid to wife / children / parents upto maximum of 12 months. Subject grant will be recovered from Pay if the person declared missing returns to duty or will be adjusted against FAS Rehabilitation Grant for presumed death cases. The Station / Unit will release the grant from SI Fund of the Unit only with the approval of IAFBA.

Rates of Payment (In Rs.)

Officers Rs. 10,000/- PM
Airmen Rs. 10,000/- PM
NCs(E) Rs. 10,000/- PM

How to Apply :

Application from wife / parents / children / SI of the Unit to be sent to this office once the person is declared missing. IAFBA will consider the case after verification from DAV. Grant is not applicable in case of AWL / Deserter.

Eligibility Condition

(i) The subject grant will be recovered if the person declared missing returns to duty.

(ii) This grant is given only in serving cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who will release the payment?

A. The grant will be released by the SI Fund of the unit after the approval of IAFBA.

Q. What happens when the personnel declared missing joins duty?

A. The grant is recovered by the SI of the Unit.

Q. What happens when personnel missing is declared dead?

A. The grant is adjusted from FAS Rehabilitation Grant to the widow and the amount is reimbursed to the SI Fund of the Unit.