Air Force Wives Welfare Association (AFWWA)

      The 1965 war had an adverse affect on the families of Air Warriors. Not only the trauma but also the availability of physical and emotional support in destitute times was the need of the hour. It was then that the seed of forming an organization which would come to the forefront for helping a lady and her family came to the mind of our pioneers. The seed germinated on 28th October 1970 as a registered body to provide assistance to the families of deceased / disabled / retired / serving personnel of the Indian Air Force and is today a big tree that provides shelter of welfare to families of Air Force personnel.
       Air Force Wives Welfare Association is the core welfare organisation for the ladies of the Air Force. Apart from providing innumerable benefits to its members, it provides an excellent forum for meaningful and fruitful interactions. AFWWA also extends its helping hand to poor and needy people of the society. Its willing contribution to the senior citizens, special children, orphans etc. is notable.
      AFWWA is headed by the wife of Chief of the Air Staff as its President. Since 30 Sep 19, Mrs Asha Bhadauria has been the guiding force behind AFWWA’s growth trajectory; particularly through an extremely challenging phase marked by the global pandemic and the unprecedented disruptions caused by it.


       Light at the end of a tunnel when all seems lost , a ray of hope in the darkness of despair, a shoulder to weep on, a sympathetic ear to listen to problems, a helping hand held out in times of need. Air Force Wives Welfare Association(AFWWA) is all of this and more, an organisation run by the wives of serving personnel of the Indian Air Force.AFWWA is a welfare organisation which provides the voice to all Sanginis, lends ear to listen to all problems and difficulties and provides a platform for the overall development of Sanginis.
AFWWA has provisioned various facilities and ventures such as AFWWA Play School, Umeed Asha Kiran Schools, Umeed Vocational Training Centre, Hostels, Umeed Vidya Kiran Schools, Sashakt Sangini, Thirft Shop e.t.c.

AFWWA conducts various activities from time to time for welfare and development of Sanginis and children.
  • Welfare of Families/Sanginis
  • The prime objective of AFWWA is welfare of Sanginis and Children for which various activities/measures are undertaken to achieve this objective.

  • Sangini Health Card:  To ensure the physical wellbeing of Sanginis, regular medical check-ups are organised by AFWWA and the same is recorded in the Sangini Health Card issued to all members.

  • Gynaecological Facility:  Due to varying sizes of AF units/formations, not all medicare centres have an established gynaecologist. Therefore, to address the well being of a pregnant sangini AFWWA sponsors for a qualified gynaecologist to visit the medicare centre.

  • Counselling: Physical and emotional stress attached to the lows of life can cause mental health issues to a person. To address such issues of families, psychologist are sponsored by AFWWA at AF Stations. Counselling facilities are also provided by AFWWA to address issues related to marital discords.

  • Scholarships: In order to promote basic minimum qualification of Matric/Higher Secondary of sanginis married to Non-combatants, AFWWA offers 'Praudh Shiksha Scholarship'. AFWWA also offers scholarship to sanginis to gain higher education in the form of higher educational scholarship.

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  • Thrift Shops (Sangini Corner): These shops cater for groceries, household essentials, handicrafts, decorative items, gift items and festive products. These shops have an earmarked sangini corner in which our talented Sanginis showcase their handmade items and earn a livelihood by selling their produce . Products like handicrafts, handmade jewellery, paintings, bakery items etc are made by our sanginis are put on sale in the shop.

  • Grooming Needs: To cater to the grooming needs and tailoring needs of our sanginis, AFWWA runs beauty parlour and tailoring shop. Mostly, these ventures are run by our own trained and experienced sanginis.

  • Vocational Training: AFWWA constantly strives to make its Sanginis self-reliant through entrepreneurship and constantly upskilling them with vocational skills. Towards this AFWWA conducts various workshops/vocational courses for Sanginis like culinary skills, tailoring, beautician course, IT skills etc.

  • Awareness Campaigns:  AFWWA regularily conducts awareness campaigns for sanginis in areas such as health, hygiene and relevant social issues.

  • Development of Children
  •           AFWWA is aware of the importance of co-scholastic activities in the overall development of children. Hence, AFWWA undertakes many ventures that work towards this.

  • AFWWA Play Schools: AFWWA runs 113 playschools across the country, even in such terrains where there are no other preschools available even in the civil society. The playschools are well equipped to impart training to children using play-way method. Qualified sanginis are given preference in employment as teachers in these school
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  • Umeed Asha Kiran Schools and Vocational Training Centre: To help bring inclusivity for the differently-abled children, AFWWA runs Umeed Asha Kiran Schools and Vocational Training Centre. There are 09 such schools which impart social, life, vocational skills to special children till the age of 18. These schools have facilities of special educators, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. There is one Vocational Training Centre which trains special children between the age group of 18 years to 25 years in vocational skills such as candle making, papercraft,  handloom and basic computer literacy. AFWWA has been successful in securing placement for some of its special children. To acknowledge and encourage these children AFWWA offers 05 scholarships.
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  • Personality Development:

    Hobby classes/Sports Coaching - AFWWA runs classes to impart training to children in martial arts, dance, music, ABACUS etc. Coaching classes for sports like tennis, skating etc.

    Public Speaking - This being a much acknowledged and needed soft skill, in order to promote public speaking skills AFWWA organises annual Declamation Contest for wards of sanginis.Screening of the contestants is done at two levels before the grand finale at Delhi.

    Advneture Camps - Adventure camps are conducted at various camp sites across the country for inculcating outbound and experiential learning and to help them understand the importance of team work.

  • Scholarships: AFWWA offers 09 merit/need based scholarships to deserving wards of sanginis. To instill self-worth there is 01 additional scholarship given to disabled children.

  • Hostel:  To help in continuity of education when parents are transferred, AFWWA runs 11 hostels across the country. Being located in Air Force campuses they offer secure and safe living environment for children at nominal cost.

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  • Welfare of Widowed Sanginis
  • AFWWA extends various grants, scholarships and placement assistance to bereaved sanginis.

  • Grants: AFWWA on the death of a serving air warrior offers immediate relief to the bereaved sangini in the form of Ex-Gratia grant. Additionally widows of non-combatants are given rehabilitation grant. Wedding grant is offered to a sangini whose husband died while in service, towards wedding expense of one girl child.
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  •  Vocational courses: AFWWA has MoU with institutions for providing vocational courses at concessional rates to widowed sanginis.Part fees for these courses are borne by IAF Benevolent Association.

  • Scholarship to wards of widows:  There are 02 Scholarships offered for wards of widowed sanginis. 01 is for schooling/graduation while the other is for post graduation.
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  • Placement assistance: AFWWA gives priority to qualified and eligible widowed sanginis for employment in its various ventures. AFWWA is also striving to secure jobs for them in corporates/other sectors.

  • Welfare of Society
  •           AFWWA does not confine itself to welfare of sanginis and their family but truly believes in giving back to the society at large.

  • Schools for underpriveleged:  Children of labourers working in the Air Force and nearby villages start their schooling late as schools are located far away. To address this problem AFWWA has set up 26 Umeed Vidya Kiran Schools across the country to provide elementary education to these children.
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  • Aid to civil society:  AFWWA regularly carries out philanthropic activities and reaches out to orphanages, senior citizen homes etc. During disasters and natural calamities AFWWA reaches out to the affected and provides relief materials.
  • Objectives

       The Air Force Wives Welfare Association was formed with the main objective of providing assistance to families of deceased, disabled, retired, as well as serving personnel of the Indian Air Force. Over the years its sphere of work has widened considerably. The main focus of the Association is on family welfare and rehabilitation/care of widows and special children. It has taken special steps to identify itself with some of the national welfare projects by successfully perusing such programmes as Adult Literacy and Preservation of Environment. Besides helping our country men effected by natural calamities, AFWWA has adopted villages around the Air Force bases which lack basic amenities.

    Core Objectives

    Welfare of

    • Sanginis
    • Families of  Air Warriors
    • Veer Naris
    • Special Children in IAF
    • Under  Privileged
    • Civil Population  during disaster or natural calamities


             To undertake all its tasks, AFWWA operates from its Headquarters at New Delhi. The first lady of the Air Force (wife of Chief of the Air Staff) is the President of Central Organisation.For effective command and control, AFWWA has seven Regionals. The Regional chapters of AFWWA are as follows:-


    Mrs Ela Lal
    27 Aug 70 to 28 Feb 73
        Mrs Ela Lal has always been a very special lady with the finest qualities and values. She was caring, kind and gentle and yet very firm. She observed that while there were various forums for air warriors to project and discuss their welfare issues, the welfare of their families took a back seat. It was that the idea of the Air Force Wives Welfare Association (AFWWA) was conceived by her to serve the needs and to promote the welfare of Air Force families. She formed AFWWA in late 1970 with just seven members with the common objective to promote the welfare of families of Serving, Retired, Deceased and Disabled Officers, Airmen and NCs(E) of the Indian Air Force. It was under her guidance that AFWWA was registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. Mrs Lal used to personally teach underprivileged children and was so dedicated towards this mission that she continued her zeal of imparting education to the needy even after developing Tuberculosis. Today, AFWWA has over 2.69 lakhs member called ‘Sanginis’. We are grateful to this pioneer of AFWWA for her initiative and guidance.
    Mrs Satya Mehra
    01 Mar 73 to 29 Feb 76
        Mrs Satya Mehra was born in Mandalay, Burma, raised and educated in Lahore and joined the IAF Family when she married Omee Mehra. She was one of the founder members of AFWWA who worked tirelessly towards the welfare activities in tandem with Mrs Ela Lal. As president AFWWA She motivated the ladies to become AFWWA Members. As the source of AFWWA income was limited, she requested members to donate those things that were not being used at home to the AFWWA Shops. Such items were sold and the proceeds went to the AFWWA account to be further used for welfare projects.
    Mrs Tara Moolgavkar
    01 Mar 76 to 31 Aug 78
        One of the members who initiated the formation of AFWWA in 1970, Mrs Tara Moolgavkar aimed at providing rehabilitation to wives of bereaved pilots. Under her able guidance, wheel chairs and other equipment were donated to wounded pilots and airmen. Children from blind schools were donated ‘Braille Watches’ as encouragement for doing well. Mrs Moolgavkar was well versed in eight Indian languages, which helped her connect instantly with the sanginis throughout the country. She recollects: “Being with AFWWA has been one of the most fulfilling and satisfying years in the Indian Air Force.”
    Mrs Bilkees Latif
    01 Sep 78 to 31 Aug 81
        An active member of Ladies Club organised for the wives of Non-Commissioned Officers and other ranks prior to the formation of AFWWA, Mrs Bilkees Latif worked with dedication towards the training and rehabilitation of widows. She played an active role in formulating the rules and regulations, aims and membership policies of AFWWA, besides guiding the members on Fund Allocation during the 1971 war and Delhi floods. As president AFWWA, She was instrumental in obtaining Government recognition to 60 Air Force Schools by personally meeting the Education Minister. The Vocational Training Centre at Air Force Station, Race Course Complex, Commenced its working under her able guidance. On her initiative, donations were collected and utilize towards funding the Girls Hostel which was being constructed in the premises of Air Force Bal Bharti School.
    Mrs Prakash Singh Dilbag
    01 Sep 81 to 31 Aug 84
        As President AFWWA, Mrs Parkash Dilbag Singh enhanced the rates of various benefits extended by AFWWA to its Life Members. Being sensitive to the needs of sanginis, she increased the numbers of scholarships extended by AFWWA to the wards of its Life Members. She had always motivated ladies to become sanginis and to involve themselves in welfare activities for the benefit of society.
    Mrs Srilata Katre
    01 Sep 84 to 03 Jul 85
        An educationalist by profession, Mrs Srilata Katre imparted education to children for many years. She introduced the idea of constructing a shop for AFWWA at Delhi for raising funds. ‘Santushti Shopping Arcade’ came up under her supervision. The purpose behind having the Thrift Shops at AFWWA HQ was to generate funds for various welfare activities. Today the Santushti Shopping Arcade is one of the most sought after shopping complex in Delhi. Mrs Katre has always motivated sanginis to be upright, Compassionate and caring.
    Mrs Rita La Fontaine
    05 Jul 85 to 31 Jul 88
        Mrs Rita La Fontaine inaugurated the santushti Shopping Complex in 1986. The income from the complex was utilized to create Hostels, conduct Vocational Courses, run adult education classes and donates to old age homes. She worked relentlessly towards giving rehabilitation and assisting sangins who had lost their husband. Her compassion and warmth helped her understand and resolve the problems of the sanginis.
    Mrs Sunita Mehra
    01 Aug 88 to 31 Jul 91
        Mrs Sunita Mehra assisted Mrs Katre in raising the Santushti Shopping Complex. She also conceived and executed projects like Teachers’ Workshops, trophy for the best schools and incentives to sanginis their wards to motivate them to do their best. The design and implementation of the AFWWA Logo and operations of Happy Landings girls Hostels came up under her supervision. Mrs Sunita Mehra Extended monetary help and emotional support to wives who were facing hardships and who were estranged.
    Mrs Asha Suri
    01 Aug 91 to 31 Jul 93
        Mrs Asha Suri had a keen interest in working for children with special needs. She had introduced the concept of ‘Open House Meetings’ which were held for the parents of special children to interact, discuss their problems and share experiences. The Santushti Aracde housed 10 outlets initially, which swelled to 42 under her supervision. The Diamond Jubilee School was establish in Bangalore under her able guidance to cater for the needs of these children. She instructed AFWWA locals to have Libraries-cum-clubs for children at every station, which not only proved beneficial for kids but was received with great enthusiasm by parents. It was under her supervision that the venue for the Annual AFWWA meeting was shifted to the Air Force Auditorium . ‘The Best Achiever Awards, were also introduced. Mrs Suri was also instrumental in extending training, employment and other assistance to widows.
    Mrs Nita Kaul
    01 Aug 93 to 31 Dec 95
        Mrs Nita Kaul took special initiatives to give AFWWA a unique identity with some of the National Welfare projects by successfully pursuing programmes such as ‘Adult Literacy’ and ‘Preservation of Environment’. AFWWA increased its scope of welfare activities appreciably. She revised the AFWWA Memorandum adding various clauses for the benefit of the organisation and enhanced rates of grants extended to sanginis. She conceived the idea of AFWWA Song which was released in 1994. Mrs Kaul was known for her simplicity and dedication towards welfare activities.
    Dr (Mrs) Aruna Sareen
    01 Jan 96 to 31 Dec 98
        Under the supervision of Dr (Mrs) Aruna Sareen, AFWWA expanded its activities by taking over the management of Boys Hostel in TAFS and Girls hostel at Air Force Bal Bharti School to improve the living conditions of students. AFWWA added Boys Girls Hostels at Jamnagar, Pune, Mumbai, Baroda, Jodhpur and Palam under her guidance. She launched at insurance scheme for the benefit of ‘Children with special needs’ of Air Force Personnel. A total of 358 Children were covered under this scheme. Being a doctor, she ensured that required medical facilities and equipment were available to sangini for their health check –ups. The AFWWA HQ was shifted from Air HQ Vayu Bhawan to the prestigious Santushti Shopping Arcade during her tenure.
    Mrs Molina Tipnis
    01 Jan 99 to 31 Dec 04
        The Kargil Operations took place during the tenure of Mrs Molina Tipnis. She interacted with each of the wounded soldiers. As president AFWWA, she initiated a fund called ‘Kargil Fund’ to extend help to the brave warriors and their families. Donation in kind like woolen caps, gloves, socks,, pullovers, blankets, stretchers, hospital beds and ration were extended. The catastrophic earthquake that struck Gujarat on 26 Jan 2001 left lakh of people homeless. Under her able guidance AFWWA commenced relief measures and provided basic amenities to the survivors. Apart from Ex-gratia grant and AFWWA pension, an additional amount of Rs 10,000/- each was paid to all the affected families. Mrs Tipnis also ensured that most of the Air Force Schools were upgraded to higher classes and introduced traffic parks and education of dinning etiquette in AFWWA play Schools.
    Mrs Harveen Krishnaswamy
    01 Jan 02 to 31 Dec 04
        Mrs Harveen Krishnaswamy revamped the AFWWA Boys Hostels to provide additional facilities to suit the requirements of the students. She provided guidance to AFWWA Regionals and locals to hire Professional Marriage Counselors in view of the increasing cases of marital discord. She directed AFWWA offices to have unit-wise AFWWA meetings for enhanced and meaningful interactions. Mrs Krishnaswamy also introduced scholarships for motivating the brilliant wards of Air warriors. She encouraged the sanginis to contribute towards organizational goals.
    Mrs Vandana Tyagi
    01 Jan 05 to 31 Mar 07
         A very Powerful earthquake rocked South East Asia on 26 Dec 04, shortly before Mrs Vandana Tyagi took over as President AFWWA. She initiated various relief schemes for the Tsunami affected people at Car Nicobar, the worst hit Air Force Station. Umeed Vocational Centre commenced its successful operation on 01 Sep 2005 under her able guidance with the aim of providing vocational training to special children and help them become self-reliant. Various Special grants were extended to the needy members as well as agencies supporting the poor.
    Mrs Zareen Major
    01 Apr 07 to 31 May 09
        Mrs Zareen Major introduced the AFWWA national level Sportsman Scholarship for display of exceptional skills in sports. A helpline was set up at the base Hospital Delhi Cantt under her guidance to provide emotional support to the patients suffering from HIV-AIDS. The revision of AFWWA memorandum and AFWWA administrative instructions for proper management of AFWWA ventures was initiated during her tenure. Mrs Major ensured enhancement of various AFWWA benefits and booklet named “AFWWA Benefits at Glance” was issued to give an insight in to the assistance provided by AFWWA to its members. She also launched the AFWWA Matrimonial Webpage.
    Mrs Madhubaala Naik
    01 Jun 09 to 31 Jul 11
        Mrs Madhubala Naik Conceived the idea of an independent Website for providing job opportunities to the wives & widows of Air Force Personnel. AFWWA launched its unique website She introduced the Goodwill Scholarship for specially abled children and her main focus was to provide various facilities, treatment and education to them. She also introduced the girl child achiever scholarship and enhanced the financial limits of other scholarships. Mrs Naik created a corpus funds for the special schools with guidelines for its expenditure. She worked ceaselessly towards the welfare of Sanginis in need.
    Mrs Kiran Browne
    01 Aug 11 to 31 Dec 13
        Mrs Kiran Browne is the pioneer of ‘Swasth Sangini Programme’ which benefits Sanginis all across the Air Force through regular medical checks. She also introduced the ‘Best AFWWA Play School’ and ‘Best Thrift Shop’ awards. The syllabus of AFWWA Play schools was standardised under her supervision and she enhanced the various monetary benefits being extended to Sanginis and their wards. As a goodwill gesture, Mrs Kiran Browne encouraged on donation of basic items like toys and books to the pediatric ward of R&R Hospital. She directed the release of guidelines and use of standardized forms for maintenance allowances sought by an estranged Sangini. It was under her guidance and to provision that the Santushti Concept Shop and Happy Landings Girls Hostel at Subroto Park was renovated.
    Mrs Lily Raha
    01 Jan 14 to 31 Dec 16
        Mrs Lily Raha introduced electronic concepts towards ease of AFWWA functioning such as extending payment of Ex-gratia/scholarships by NEFT/RTGS, introduction of digital Life Membership Cards and digital records for stock books. It was during her regime that various initiatives for Umeed Asha Kiran Schools and Play Schools were taken which includes creation of corpus for UAKS and its registration under PWD Act, introduction of Code for administration of Play Schools, provisioning of smart boards at schools and various CSR initiatives.
    Mrs Kamalpreet Dhanoa
    01 Jan 17 to 30 Sep 19
         Mrs Kamalpreet Dhanoa took various initiatives to enhance AFWWA’s welfare activities. To name a few are creation of corpus for AFWWA Play Schools, introduction of higher education /Praud Shiksha Scholarship for Sanginis, revision of scholarships amount, enhancement of corpus of UAKS and rehabilitation grant besides various CSR initiatives. To make the Sanginis self reliant, a Skill Development Centre was established at Tezpur in collaboration with Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yozna (Defence).


    Mrs Sowrya Madhuri
    President AFWWA (R) WAC
    Know About President AFWWA (R) WAC
    Mrs Kamini Singh
    President AFWWA (R) SWAC
    Know About President AFWWA (R) SWAC
    Mrs Maria Duckworth
    President AFWWA (R) CAC
    Know About President AFWWA (R) CAC
    Mrs Seema Dev
    President AFWWA (R) EAC
    Know About President AFWWA (R) EAC
    Mrs Ambika Singh
    President AFWWA (R) SAC
    Know About President AFWWA (R) SAC
    Mrs Anita Choudhary
    President AFWWA (R) MC
    Know About President AFWWA (R) MC
    President AFWWA (R) TC



       For the benefit of its members, AFWWA awards various scholarships.The details of Scholarships are as follows:-
    Scholarship No. Name of Scholarship Application to be filled
    Form Part No.
    Applicable for All Serving Personnel ( Air Warriors & NCs(E) )
    1 VIII, IX, X, XI
    2 I, II, VIII, IX, X, XI
    3 I, III, VIII, IX, X, XI
    4 I, VIII ,IX, X, XI
    5 I, IV, VIII, IX, X, XI
    6 I, V, , VIII,IX, X, XI
    7 I, VI, VIII, X, XI
    Applicable for Airmen & NCs(E) Only
    8 I, IV, VIII , IX, X, XI
    9 I, IV, VIII ,IX, X, XI
    10 I, IV, VIII , IX, X, XI
    11 I, IV, VIII, IX, X, XI
    12 I, VIII, IX, X, XI
    Applicable for NCs(E) Only
    13 I, VIII, IX, X, XI
    14 I, VIII, IX, X, XI
    15 I, VII, VIII, X, XI
    Applicable for NCs(E)/DSC
    16 I, VIII, IX, X, XI

       For the benefit of its members, AFWWA awards various scholarships. The details of Scholarships are as follows:-
    Applicable to Scholarship No. Name of Scholarship Application to be filled
    Form Part No.
    Deceased Personnel 17 -
    18 -

    Scholarships for Wards of Covid Victims:
    Salient Features Eligibility Criteria
    • For wards where both parents died due to Covid (Serving/Retd).
    • For wards where widowed Sangini being single parent died due to Covid.
    • For wards where Sangini’s spouse died due to Covid (Serving/Retd).
    •For schooling of child/children studying in KV/Air Force School.
    (a) Scholarship to cover complete fee, one set of books and two pairs of uniform.
    (b) Scholarship over and above all other scholarships/sponsorships.
    (c) Commencement of Scholarship:-
         (i) Date of death of last surviving parent in case of death of both parents.
         (ii) Date of death of single parent widowed Sangini.
         (iii) Date of death of Sangini’s spouse.


       AFWWA on the death of a serving air warrior offers immediate relief to the bereaved sangini in the form of Ex-Gratia grant. Additionally widows of non-combatants are given rehabilitation grant. Wedding grant is offered to a sangini whose husband died while in service, towards wedding expense of one girl child. Following details are as follows:-
    Grant No. Type of Grant Frequency of Remittance Amount in ₹
    1 Ex-Gratia Grant  One time 30,000/-
    2 Wedding Grant to one child (To be applied within 5 yrs of Marriage) One time 25,000/-
    3 Rehabilitation grant - NCs (E) One time 15,000/-
    4 Grant for dwelling unit One time Officers -10 % out of Rs 6,00,000/- given by NPF
    Airmen & NCs (E)-10 % out of Rs 4,00,000/- given by NPF

     Eligibility Criteria-

    •  A housing subsidy is provided from NPF (10% will be borne by AFWWA) to those who acquire Dwelling Unit from all sources viz. AFNHB / AWHO / civil housing agencies including private builders and for self construction. 
    • Air force personnel deceased in accident while in service from 01 Jan 96 onwards are eligible for this grant. 
    • The subsidized dwelling unit so acquired cannot be sold for 10 years.

       Employment opportunity is available for the widows and their dependents, whose husband/father died while in service. They have to apply to the last unit served by their husband/father for compassionate ground appointments under indigent circumstances. Chances are very less in Government Jobs, since very few vacancies are available in year, Still every year around 200 AFWWA members apply for such jobs. JDPC at Air HQs considers their candidature for three times only and offer these vacancies to most needy families in term of financial conditions.

       There are other avenues available through NPF and AFWWA ventures. For these types of jobs these are required to approach local administration for suitable guidance and necessary help to secure employment at Local level, according to their qualifications and availability of vacancy, if any.

       Widows are also eligible for commissioning in Ground Duty Branches of Indian Air Force (SSC). The eligibility conditions are as follows:
    Branch/Type of Entry Educational Qualification Age Limit Advertisement Schedule
    a) Administration
    b) Logistics
    c) Accounts
    First Class Graduate
    Second Class PG in subjects as per advertisements

    d) Education
    e) Meteorology
    Second Class PG in subjects as per advertisements 20-25 Mar/Sep
       There is relaxation of age upto 34 years for widows in certain Branches, which is published in the advertisements or can be ascertained from or Publicity Cell, Air Headquarters, 'DISHA' Motilal Nehru Marg, New Delhi-110011. Tele: 011-23010231 Exten-7080. Telefax: 011-23017918, E-mail:

    Under Construction
    Under Construction
    Arjan Singh Memorial Skill Development Scholarship:
    Salient Features Eligibility Criteria
    • For skill development of widows.
    • Sponsored by IAFBA.
    • Amount - Rs 75,000/- or course fee whichever is less.
    *For application form and queries contact IAFBA at
    (a) Applicant should be member of AFWWA.
    (b) Reimbursement will be given for courses approved by AFWWA.
    (c) Should have been widowed before commencement of course.
    (d) Course completion certificate and fee payment receipt to be submitted to IAFBA.

       For the benefit of its members, AFWWA awards various scholarships. The details of Scholarships are as follows:-

    Applicable to Scholarship No. Name of Scholarship Application to be filled
    Form Part No.
    Deceased Personnel 17 -
    18 -

    Sangini-Spouse Missing in Action/Medically boarded out

    Grant No.
    Type of Grant
    Frequency of Remittance
    Amount in ₹
    Medical Assistance (Attributable to Service)
    One time
    15,000/- (Paid by AFWWA (L) of last serving Unit / Station [₹ 7500/- each will be reimbursed by respective AFWWA (R) and AFWWA].)
    Grant No.
    Type of Grant
    Frequency of Remittance
    Amount in ₹
    Financial assistance to Sanginis whose spouse is missing from work place
    One time

    Eligibility Criteria

    →   Wives of all serving Officers, Warrant Officers, Airmen and NCs (E).

    →   Serving women Officers married to AF personnel or civilians.


    *   In case of unwillingness for the membership, an undertaking to this effect is to be given as per Appendix 'J' of Adm instruction 2019 at the time of promulgation of marriage POR.

    *   No membership will be given after the retirement/ discharge/ death of the husband.

    Required Documents

    Description Initial Renewal Loss
    1.LMC Application
    2.Copy of NEFT receipt with transaction ID
    3.One stamp/passport size photograph
    4.Copy of POR
    5.Marriage Certificate
    6.FIR Copy
    7. Old LMC Card

    Address for Forwarding,

    Santushti Shopping Complex
    New Willingdon Camp
    Opposite Ashok Samrat Hotel Race Course
    New Delhi - 110 003

       -Only High resolution good quality photograph with plain background should be accepted for LMC.
       -Photograph on LMC application and in envelope should be same.
       -Life Membership Card to a member will be issued by AFWWA HQ and dispatch to the concerned AFWWA(L) with a request made to Adjutant of the unit to handover the card to concerned Sangini after keeping a copy in the service records of her spouse.
       -In case of any mishappening during the period of submitting the application by the lady and LMC received from AFWWA HQ, AFWWA benefits are to be paid only after obtaining the go-ahead sanction from AFWWA HQ through telephone/ fax/ email.

    Membership Card Fee Details

    Initial/Loss/Renewal of Life Membership Card fees are as follows:

    Wife of Officers Rs 300/-
    Wife of MWOs, WOs and Sgt Rs 200/-
    Wife of Cpl and LAC Rs 150/-
    Wife of NCs(E) Rs 75/-
    Bank Details

       Account Name- AFWWA
       Account Number-90632010009163
       IFSC Code-CNRB0019063
       MICR Code-110015430
       Bank Name-Canara Bank
       Branch Name-AHQ Vayu Bhawan

    Cessation of Membership

    Membership shall cease on the following occasions:

    - On receipt of written resignation from the member.

    - On the death of a member.

    - On divorce.

    - On the cashiering/dismissal/removal of an Officer/WO/Airmen/NC (E) from the service.


    Swasth Sangini Health Check-Up Camps by AFWWA

       Just like all Air Warriors undergo an AME every year, there is also a system for analysing Sanginis’ health. They are also important because Air Warriors and their families are the IAF’s greatest asset. Comprehensive Medical Camps are organised by AFWWA for Sanginis on a regular basis in almost every Air Force Station. Right at the outset, every Sangini is provided with a Sangini Health Card in these camps, which should be maintained and carried for all visits to the doctor. These camps help to screen all Sanginis for preventive life-style diseases, particularly aiding in early detection of obesity, anaemia, hypertension, osteoporosis, cardiac diseases, endocrine disorders like thyroid, diabetes etc. Special emphasis is also given for the early detection of cancer, especially breast, cervical and oral cancers and the same is recorded in the Sangini Health Card issued to all members.

    Gynaecological Facility

       Due to varying sizes of AF units/formations, not all medicare centres have an established gynaecologist. Therefore, to address the well being of a pregnant sangini AFWWA sponsors for a qualified gynaecologist to visit the medicare centre.


       Physical and emotional stress attached to the lows of life can cause mental health issues to a person. To address such issues of families, psychologist are sponsored by AFWWA at AF Stations. Counselling facilities are also provided by AFWWA to address issues related to marital discords.


    Declamation Contest

       This being a much acknowledged and needed soft skill, in order to promote public speaking skills AFWWA organises annual Declamation Contest for wards of sanginis.Screening of the contestants is done at two levels before the grand finale at Delhi.

    Adventure camps

        Adventure camps are conducted at various camp sites across the country for inculcating outbound and experiential learning and to help them understand the importance of team work.

    Philantrophic Activities

    Umeed Vidya Kiran School

       AFWWA not only promotes skill devlopment of sanginis but also work towards shaping the future of our country by contributing towards proviing basic education facility to under privleged children.

        These schools are being run under the name of Umeed Vidya Kiran by AFWWA to provide education to the underprivileged children staying in our camps. The children of serveants, casual labourers and villages near by are taught in these schools. They are generally up to the primary level, and the students who do well academically are given admission to the Air Force Schools. Midday meals are prolvided to the children here to help them in thier physical growth and to some extent, it ensure the regularly in attendance.

    Distribution of Ration to migrant workers during covid

       We are all aware that COVID 19 virus outbreak affected millions of people around the world. It has profoundly changed our lives, causing tremendous human suffering and challenging the most basic foundations of societal well-being. Our country is facing this crisis for more than a year. There were a lot of labourer's, workers and under privileged families who got stuck at different places during the phase of lockdown. Unrelenting in its spread, the COVID 19 pandemic threw the livelihood of lakhs of people into a chaotic twister. Daily wagers, foot path vendors have all had their only source of income snuffed out by the lockdown. To help them stay afloat, Mrs. Asha Bhadauria, President AFWWA, stepped in and came up with the noble idea of helping these deprived souls in the tough time of lockdown. She decided to donate Ration packets to at least 250 families in every zone.

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